Green Moong Dal is not only easy to make, but also it is so yummy and beneficial for our health.

When one feels heavy and doesn’t like to eat anything else or someone is sick, then moong dal soup is really good and even you can make moong dal Khichdi also.

It is very easy to make and healthy recipe

 Sprout mung beans

Wholesome Green Moong Dal made in Pressure Cooker is Easy Recipe.  This is a delicious Creamy lentil Soup, that is so easy and quick to make in a Pressure Cooker. Very nutritious with lots of Protein and perfect for a Cold evening or in any day.

My both sons love moong dal, it is their favorite dal and they also love Paneer Sabji and Chole Sabji.

Green Moong Dal/Green Lentils to make in Pressure Cooker Recipe

mung beans plant

You don’t have to Soak Moong Dal and even any other Dal, because in pressure cooker, every Dal takes only couple of whistles to be ready.

Follow the same process as in the video when cooking on in a pressure cooker.

Soak beans in Cold water around 5 to 7 hours or overnight. Then put beans in a plastic basket, put small Soaked towel on top and apply water. Now keep beans in the dark. Apply water once a day. Around 3 to 4 days You will have homemade mung bean sprouts ready.

Soft Poori Recipe from Leftover Sabji

Poori also spelled as puri, is a popular breakfast recipe across south india. it is a small disc shaped bread that is deep fried in oil and served with any veg curry such as aloo curry, matar paneer, Gobhi Sabji etc.

Usually made with either wheat flour or maida or using both the flours.

Puri Recipe from Leftover Sabji

  1. Blend Leftover mix Sabji in Blender Jug to make a thick paste
  2. Add it in whole Grain Flour
  3. Add some semolina
  4. Add all spices and with the help of your both hands make a tight dough.
  5. Keep in Room temperature for 1/2 an hour.

Preparation to make Puri

  1. Pour oil in Kadai
  2. Let it hot and start making small pooris with chakla velna
  3. Start frying and serve hot with any dish, yogurt, pickle

Sabut Moong Dal & Roasted Chana Ladus Recipe

Whole Moong Dal & Roasted Chana Pinni Recipe Instructions:

How To Make Moong Dal Pennies?

  • Make powder of Roasted Chana and Dry fruits
  • Make powder of Moong Dal and fry it in little bit Desi Ghee until it becomes Golden brown
  • Maky Syrup of Jaggery
  • Mix everything together and start making Pinnies.
Sabut Moong Dal & Poori Recipe
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