What is Wet Pack?

Cotton Cloth or a set of Cotton Cloth, which can be used after soaking in Cold normal Water for wrapping on your stomach, forehead, and neck. You can apply it only at stomach, which is most important, but it is more beneficially if you apply on at the same time at Neck, forehead and stomach

Where to Buy Cotton Patti?

Below are the links and their description to buy Cotton Patti Online.

1-Natural wet pack cotton Patti for body detox

  • ✅ Wet pack cotton Patti set is a powerful way to detox the body
  • ✅ Wet pack cotton Patti is powerful in curing Ulcers, IBS, GERD, Acidity, Bloating, Constipation, Stomach pain, and colitis.
  • Wet pack cotton Patti Set helps the body to get rid of the toxins accumulated in the body due to the wrong eating habits and lifestyle.
  • ✅ Wet pack cotton Patti tones up the stomach and helps get rid of excess fat around the abdomen.
  • Sattvic wet pack cotton Patti when applied on the forehead, it helps to get rid of Headaches, migraines, and other mental disorders.

2-Natural Life Style Patti Set

Natural Life Style Patti Set
Natural Life Style Patti Set

3-Healthy Wet Pack for Detox-Head, Neck, Abdominal

Healthy Natural Wet Pack Cotton Patti for Detox (Head, Neck, Abdominal)
Healthy Natural Wet Pack Cotton Patti

4-Mega Choice Cotton Patti For Body Detox & Enema Kit 

Mega Choice Wet Pack Cotton Patti For Body Detox Head Abdominal and Home Use Enema Kit
Mega Choice Wet Pack Cotton Patti 
  • Wet pack and enema remove toxins from blood, colon, liver.
  • Wet pack and enema Re-establish healthy gut flora.
  • Wet pack and enema kit Strengthen your immunity.
  • Enema and Wet Pack helps to relive gas, indigestion, Constipation.
  • Enema and wet pack helps in Healthy glowing skin.

How to use Wet Pack?

  • Take a cotton cloth of about 2.5 meters length and 1 meter wide
  • Soak in normal cold water and squeeze nicely
  • After squeezing it, now fold it 4 times
  • Now wrap it around the stomach keeping navel in the middle.
  • If you live in Cold country, as I live in Canada and you feel Cold, then a dry cloth or some warm woolen cloth may be wrapped over the wet pack.

Best Time to Apply Wet Pack?

  • You can apply this pack up to 3 to 4 times in a day. But if you’re busy, in the morning and the evening, 2 hours prior to lunch would be the best.
  • After applying the wet pack, you may wear your clothes over it and continue with your daily chores. If you want, you can do your Kitchen work, you can go for little walk even and you can also do Mediation etc.
  • Keep the wet pack on for about 30-40 minutes, even little less is okay
  • You can apply it even before or after a meal. Just make sure you do not eat or drink while the wet pack is on.
  • Apply wet pack twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening), or at least once a day.
  • If you have a fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea, stomach ache or any other acute disease, you will be benefitted by applying wet pack even more than twice a day( means you can apply it 3-4 times)
  • If you don’t feel hungry, then before your meals apply this wet pack and if after eating your stomach upsets, then after eating apply this pack.
  • Precaution: Only while applied the wet pack, don’t eat and drink anything.
How to Apply Wet Pack?

How to Apply Wet Pack?

  • Simply drench the wet pack in the regular cold water and squeeze it
  • Wrap a big cotton cloth around the abdomen such that half of it lies above the navel and half below it and at the end tuck it.
  • Wrap one small cotton strip around your forehead and tuck it from the end.
  • Wrap the other small cotton strip around the neck.
  • Let it be applied for 30  to 40 minutes. Timing can be little less or little more. Approximately 30 minutes

Health Benefits of Wet Pack

According to Mohan Gupta Ji,(Natural Life style) when you eat healthy diet, change your lifestyle, do enema when needed and apply Wet Pack, then you can get the below benefits:-

  1. Increases blood circulation and, toxins that are accumulated in the depths of our organs, start leaving their place. It’s a powerful way to detox the body.
  2. When applied on abdomen, it relieves all forms of indigestion. It is powerful in curing ulcers, acidity, bloating, constipation, stomach pain and colitis.
  3. When applied on the neck, it helps get rid of thyroid problems.
  4. When applied on the forehead, it increases blood circulation near the brain and helps to get rid of headaches, migraines and other mental disorders.
  5. It tones up the stomach and helps get rid of excess fat at the same time.
  6. Toxins, which are accumulated in the intestines are removed quickly or if there is swelling or inflammation that gets cured
  7. It is almost free to do and get so many health rewards with this method
  8. It is best and easy way to detox your body without spending any money wasting your valuable time
  9. Wrapping a cold strip around your forehead, helps to cure, migraine, anxiety, and all other mental problems
  10. Increase Blood circulation
  11. When applied on the neck, it helps get rid of thyroid problems.
  12. A powerful way to detox the body
  13. Tones up the stomach and helps get rid of excess fat.
  14. When applied on the forehead, It helps get rid of headaches or migraines and draw away excess heat from the brain.
  15. Relives acidity, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, and colitis.
What is Wet Pack & How to Apply it
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