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Constipation is infrequent bowel movements that persists for some weeks or even longer. We always look for easy ways to cure it. But we never care to understand the root cause of the problem.

So here in this article, I am exploring some precautions that we should take in our daily diet plan and improve our lifestyle.

We all want to eat whatever we want and always looking for such medicine or solution, which can help to digest our food.

According to Mohan Gupta Ji Natural Lifestyle, there is no shortcut and there is no such remedy is available and he can’t suggest any medicine for it.

According to Mohan Gupta Naturopath, there are 80% people, who are suffering from Gas, but nobody will tell you the right way to cure even gas.

According to Mohan Gupta Ji(Naturopath) When the food that we eat not digested, then we face the problem of gas. Further he says, Whether they are homeopathic, Ayurvedic or Allopathic, all have to accept, that if the eaten food is digested, then gastric problem will not take place. On the day, when you eat Junk or processed food, you will suffer heart burning, feel bloating etc. But when you eat simple healthy food, then you feel okay, because your food is digested.

Simply when your food is not digested properly, then you have constipation.

Wrong food is the cause of all diseases. If our food is right and simple, then it will digest and constipation will not occur. In the morning motion get easily, without any problem.

If your stomach is not clear in the morning, then don’t search on Google to find a remedy like laxatives purgatives etc. You don’t need these all and even that is not permanent cure and these all medicines have side effects as well.

To cure constipation, you don’t have to go anywhere at all, because the medicine is in your own Kitchen. First you should know the cause of gas and constipation, then correct your eating habits and your lifestyle, which can help to get rid from constipation forever.

Causes of Gas and Constipation

Agar ap ki Kabaj purani hei, pet saaf nahi hota, bhookh nahi lagti or weightloss ho giya hei, it means the eaten food is not digested properly.

Then are 4 mistakes behind this constipation, which is very common and we all know that. Severe/chronic constipation means intestine system is weak and unable to flush it as required. Hence you have to follow Natural ways to get rid of the constipation.

1. First Mistake: Eating without hunger or Appetite

  • We are not hungry, but we all are eating all the time. Eating our food is like performing a Hawan. When the fire is igniting and we’re putting samagri(food) into it and the the aroma comes, means samagri burnt properly. It means it is beneficial of performing Hawan. But unfortunately the fire is not igniting properly and still we bought very expensive samagri(means eating very good food)We think by adding more, we will get more benefit. No, it doesn’t work like this. What will happen? The samagri will be waste and we will not get any benefit of performing this Hawan. In the same way eating is equal to performing the Hawan. If the fire of Appetite ignites inside and you’ll add the samagri in the form of food, then the Nutrients aroma will come and the body will be healthy, means body will get benefits from eaten food.
    1. What you Do? Whether you’re hungry or not, you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without skipping it. Sometimes we eat to finish our work. No doubt work is finish outside, but inside work starts. We eat by seeing the time, not by hunger. But this body will not run by worldly clock, it will run by divine clock.
    2. When to Eat? When the clock in the form of Appetite will alarm, then only the eaten food will be beneficial for you. So eat only, when needed.
    3. Why the Food is Taken? Do we take food for eating or digesting? So the first mistake is eating all the time without any hunger.

2. Second Mistake: Over Eating in a Large Quantity

  • Here we are making a mistake. So many people ask the questions.
    1. How much should I eat? The answer is there is no such chart, which can explain you, to eat this much or that much, because everyone has different appetite. Every person has different lifestyle, every person has different morale and every person has different age and how can one told you to eat this or that much. According to Mohan Gupta Ji(Naturopath)Be your own Doctor. When you will eat food, the sound will come from inside, and then stop taking food. Only listen to your body.
    2. When We Should Eat or How our Food Digest? When our stomach is empty and we are hungry, then we start to eat food and start chewing our food. And food starts to digest from the mouth itself and gets digested while going through. There is particular place in our body to store the food and that is our gaster, stomach. In Hindi it called ‘Medda’ It exists in our body form of a bag, it sores the food and expands like a balloon and when the food goes down in 5-6 hours, it shrinks again.
    3. No Gas Anymore: If the person stops taking food after satisfaction burp, no acid will be produced in your body. If a person is not ready to give up taking food after the satisfaction burp, then there is no way to get rid of Gas or acidy in his whole life.

3. Third Mistake: Eating in Hurry or Anger

  • When you are in fear, means you’re not calm, but you’re eating. We just eat without understand the concept. According to Mohan Gupta Ji, when our mind is disturbed, our hunger dies. Now you’ll ask How it can be true or how it works? For example: you went to work and coming back after the whole day to your home and feeling very hungry. As soon as the food plate is served in front of you, same time you got a phone call for some bad news, then your hunger is totally vanished and you tell to your family member that now due to that phone call you don’t want to eat that served food. But your family member says, eat this food quickly, because where your are going don’t know you’ll get some food or not?
  • Why your Hunger Dies? To save us, the energy that work to digest our food, now that energy which was imposed to digest our food, now that energy is imposed to face the tension. So it means one should not eat food in tense situations.

4. Fourth Mistake: Wrong Choice of Food

We are eating wrong type of food; such as Junk food, processed food, fast food etc. Change your diet to stay healthy. According to Mohan Gupta Ji, if someone has gas, tejab, balgam or Kabj, it means the eaten food is not digested properly.

A person, who follows discipline in his/her life; such as-Eat properly, means eat when feeling hungry, sleep in time, Get up early in the morning and work to earn in discipline, this kind of person will not become sick.

When we follow Natural Ways and make changes in our lifestyle and diet, we become healthy.

What kind of food should we eat? What is the best time to eat? This is utmost important to know. living a healthy life without diseases and medicines which is based on the laws of nature.

Some people think, we live to eat. Our human life is so precious, so there is so much to do. Don’t use luxury mattresses that are very high and soft, use hard mattress and I use hard mattress. Means it should not be so hard. Always sit with straight spine.

How to cure Your Health without Taking any Medicine?

Question 1: How much one should eat?

Answer 1: Stop eating after the satisfaction burp comes.

Question 2: Is Vegetable smoothie Better than Juice?

Answer 2: According to Natural Life style, “Normally fruits are also mixed with vegetables in a smoothie which is not recommended. Fruits should be taken alone and it is good to eat one type of fruit at a time.” Means Juice is better than smoothie

Question 3: Which Juice is good in the Morning for Detoxification?

Answer 3: According to Natural lifestyle Number one is Winter melon Juice, Second number is Coconut water and third is to use Seasonal Vegetables. Such as; juice can be made from Bathua and Tomato, Spinach and Tomato or Cucumber Juice.

Question 4: How Long have to Take Winter melon Juice for Constipation?

Answer 4: पेठा alkaline है, इसे तो हमेशा ले सकते है| Means you can drink ash gourd Juice every morning forever.

What is Disease(Rog)?

When foreign matter(मल) accumulate in our body and through 4 ways-Through Urine, Through breathing, Through Toilet and through Sweat doesn’t get rid, and started to accumulate inside the body, the name of it is Disease.

According to Mohan Gupta Ji(Naturopath)one side is health and the other side is money. If we have good health, we can earn. So first take care of your health.

How to Live Disease Free?

It is easy to cure disease and live medicine free, when you’ll follow the below discipline in your life. Human life is precious, so don’t waste it by eating Junk and processed food. We’re lucky that we got human body.

Nowadays people are depressed and having so many disease and they are wasting their precious time by going to hospitals and eating bitter medicines. If one knows the root cause any disease, then we can remove that cause and the disease will go automatically.

So it is utmost important to know the cause of any disease.

According to Mohan Gupta Ji,

Human body is self repairing, self manufacturing , fully air condition automatic machine. It looks like Machine, but it is not machine. It is Triple Unity of Body, Mind & Soul

Acharya Mohan Gupta Ji

For example; When any machine; such as-car, Television, Laptop etc. is not working, we have to call the mechanic or take them to the mechanic to repair them. But the human body that give the birth to new humans, has the Power to heal itself. Human body can think, can learn and change for the betterment.

Absolutely it is true that by changing our lifestyle(means eating good satvic food) and by doing some more positive things; such as-Yoga, Meditation, walk, Prayers and by serving to needy people, we can stay healthy without eating any medication for whole life.

1. Raw Vegetable Salad

Raw Vegetable Salad

 The leafy greens and vegetables are a good source of natural fiber which helps to reduce bad cholesterol and control blood sugar. A daily serving of salad aids your intake of healthy fats.

While preparing salads at home, remember to soak the vegetables for 2-3 hours in the normal water before you peel and cut them.

By soaking their impurities will go away. Don’t buy ready made salads pre prepared from the grocery stores. Salads that have been peeled and cut for a long time can be contaminated with bacteria present in the air.

Eat more Raw Salad made from seasonal vegetables; such as Carrots, Radish, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce and . garnish it with lots of fresh Coriander and grated Coconut. Raw salad will purify your blood. I will recommend to make your own salads at home, so don’t buy pre cut salads form the grocery store.

 Eat More More Fruits

2. Eat More Fruits

Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber. The amount of fruit(fruit salad) you need to eat depends on your age, sex, height, weight, and level of physical activity.  Babies, kids, and adults should make it a habit to add more to their daily diet!

Eat lots of raw fruits or fruit salad. For example; Oranges, Kiwi, Pears, Grapes, Avocadoes, Bananas, Pineapple, Mangoes, Plums, Guavas, Strawberries etc.

Means full plate of fruit salad or 2-3 fruits for a day. I eat fruit twice a day. In my empty stomach I eat fruit and then lunch time I eat fruit salad made from 2-3 fruits.

3. Pet Ki Patti

Healthy Natural Wet Pack Cotton Patti Set with User Manual and Cloth Bag (Head, Neck, Abdominal)
Natural Wet Pack Cotton Patti Set

Mohan Gupta Ji recommend to use Pet Ki Patti twice a day. If you don’t know how to use, then 👉Read this Trending Article. I used it continuously for a month and it is very effective for curing the constipation and gas problems. It make your stomach very soft and will help to cure constipation.

4. Use Enema

Mohan Gupta Ji suggest to take enema twice a day, if by improving your diet, by doing walk, yoga and also applying Pet ki Patti, still you have constipation. Then use Enema twice a day.

The most important is to change your diet and finally use enema, if still needed. But don’t make it a habit to use every day.

By using it for initial stages, you are establishing the habit to clean your stomach each day and one day you’ll not need it at all. But change your eating habits. Means eat healthy diet and it should be the part of your diet plan

5. Drink Ash Gourd Juice in the morning

Drink Ash Gourd Juice in the morning

According to Ayurveda, Safed Petha Juice is a Solution of many Diseases, when you Consume it daily on an Empty Stomach.

In Ayurveda, ash Gourd is widely used to treat many health issues. Ash Gourd is very Rich in Fiber and 96% of Water. So it is very useful in Weight Reduction. It cools down the system and is great for people, who have excess heat in their body. It is an Alkaline food that has a Neutralizing effect on the stomach and useful in treating digestive Ailments.

It is used in Nature cure since long time. Especially for weight reduction. Ash Gourd Juice flushes out waste material out of our body. Ash Gourd is very useful in Treating Urinary Tract disorders.

For the treatment of piles, the use of petha shows positive result. It can be given in bleeding, especially in bleeding piles. It is also effective in case of anal fistula and anal fissure.

My own Story: Two years ago, I had Piles continuously for many days. Then I drank one glass of Petha Juice and from the next day my Piles was gone. This is first benefit from this Ash Gourd Juice, which I’ve seen on the Second day only. 👉Read So many More Benefits of Petha Here.

Drink Coconut Water

6. Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is a rich source of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants which help to cure dehydration and constipation. 

Eliminate your bodies waste and release unwanted toxins by consuming coconut water on a daily basis.

The magnesium found in coconut water helps the muscles within your digestive system relax, relieving constipation by helping move your stool through the intestines.

A study reported that coconut water caused less stomach upset, nausea, fullness and was easier to consume in large amounts during rehydration.

7. Don’t Suppress your Disease

When you’ve Cold, Vomiting, lose motions, fever, don’t suppress it by eating medicines. According to Mohan Gupta Ji, if you will not eat medicines and treat it Naturally, you will not have big health problems.

8. Give Rest to Internal Organs

By giving rest to your internal organs, your body will get more time to heal. Eat less and eat only when needed(means eat when you’re really hungry)To give full rest to internal organs, use pet ki Patti.

9. Eat Satvic Diet

When you will eat satvic diet, your stomach will be fine. A Sattvik diet is a pure vegetarian diet which includes seasonal fresh fruits, ample of fresh vegetables, whole grain, pulses, sprouts, dried nuts, seeds, honey, fresh herbs, milk and dairy products which are free from animal rennet.  These foods raise sattva or our consciousness levels. Sattvic foods are cooked and eaten with love, gratitude and awareness.

A sattvic diet includes foods that are light and healthy. In Ayurvedic practice, sattvic foods are thought to increase energy, happiness, calmness, and mental clarity.

In practice, that means eating things that are vegetarian, nutritious, fresh, and tasty. This is the highest guna, representing balance and harmony. This is the ideal state. 

10. Do Breathing Exercises

According to Wim Hof,

Whenever you feel little bit down, little bit sick, little bit without energy , then do this breathing exercises.

Final Thought: By giving physiology rest, internal organs don’t get rest. As we all know that the wood is repaired with wood, Iron repaired with Iron, Gold is repaired with Gold, Cloth repaired with cloth and the same way. The human body, just like the entire Universe, is made up of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and space and the healing of human body can be done by these by elements only. Means no need of any kind of medicine at all. Just you have to change your lifestyle and follow it sincerely to get rid from the accumulated toxins(in) in the body.

Causes of Constipation & how to cure it Naturally
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