Reasons Why I Gave Up Dairy

It is believed that Milk offers several nutritional benefits, including being rich in potassium, vitamin D, calcium, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A, zinc, and thiamine.

It is a common belief that the consumption of dairy products is good for the human body but do you know how accurate this belief system is?

In this article we’re going to discuss the side effects of consuming dairy and there are many reason that are given below to stop consuming dairy.

There are several reasons to give up dairy. Let us try to understand these one by one, in detail, and become aware of the dark truth of white dairy products.

Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance 

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Nausea; sometimes vomiting
  3. Abdominal cramps
  4. Bloating
  5. Gas

Side effects Of Dairy

Dairy products, which are high in fat are known to raise the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This can increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

There are also concerns about growth hormones in milk. In a study, researchers found mice had hormonal changes. This was due to the consumption of the high concentrations of estrogen in milk.

  1. Adulteration of Commercial Milk: The majority of the commercial milk available today is adulterated with harmful chemicals in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for milk. The term synthetic milk is used for this impure milk – a mixture of urea, detergents, boric acid, caustic soda, vegetable oil, salt, and water. Also, adulteration of ghee, sweets etc.
  2. Symptoms can include nausea and in extreme cases, vomiting, after consuming most forms of dairy that contain lactose, including milk, ice cream, and cheese.
  3. Even if dairy doesn’t make you sick, you could still be sensitive to lactose, and too much of it could cause other digestive issues like bloating, cramps, or diarrhea. 
  4. Those who demonize dairy consumption say it’s highly inflammatory. And that is certainly true for people who are allergic to cow’s milk or even just have an intolerance. 
  5.  Research has found that as we grow up, we produce less of an enzyme needed to digest dairy. In fact, humans are the only mammals to consume milk in adulthood (and also, from another species).
  6. Stomach pain and bloating are common symptoms of lactose intolerance in both Kids and adults.
  7. Stomach pain and bloating are common with lactose intolerance. They are caused when bacteria in the colon ferment lactose that the body has left undigested, resulting in excess gas and water. 
  8. Milk and other dairy products are the top source of saturated fat in the American diet, contributing to heart disease.
  9. Weakening of Bones: Research shows that dairy products have little or no benefit for bone health. According to an analysis published in the British Medical Journal, most studies fail to show any link between dairy intake and broken bones, or fractures. In one study, researchers tracked the diets, exercise, and stress fracture rates of adolescent girls and concluded that dairy products and calcium do not prevent stress fractures. Another study of more than 96,000 people found that the more milk men consumed as teenagers, the more bone fractures they experienced as adults. consumption of dairy leads to the weakening of bones
  10. Occurrence of Acne: Growth hormones present in milk & dairy products stimulate the production of sebum (an oily secretion) in our body, whose excess secretion blocks the pores & causes acne breakouts and other skin problems. You know what? Just do experiment for only 21 days and eliminate all dairy from your diet and experience the magic.
  11. Saturated Fat: The American Heart Association specifically lists butter, cream, cheese, and “other dairy products made from whole or reduced-fat (2 percent) milk” as examples of foods with saturated fat. The organization advises the public to reduce their intake of these foods in order to lower blood cholesterol levels.
  12. Dairy Products are Packed with Sodium: Dairy products, particularly those that claim “low-fat,” tend to contain high levels of sodium. For example, reduced-fat cheese and processed yogurt both contain a high sodium content, as food manufacturers replace the taste of fat by adding salt.
  13.  Suffer More From Asthma: asthma sufferers who have ditched dairy have sworn that they cured themselves of this disease by eliminating dairy from their diets. Further, several plant-based doctors, such as Dr. Michael Klapper, have found that dairy can trigger asthma attacks. 

Why I stopped Dairy?

Today after eating my breakfast, I had severe headache and nausea as well on Diwali Day, 2021. I don’t take any medication and supplements, but today my headache was intolerable, so I had to take Advil. But there was no difference in my migraine. After some time I had vomiting, then I started to feel better and my 60% headache was gone.

After the migraine, I had severe constipation. You might know I’m believer of Natural Cure, so from the next day, means November 6, 2021, again I started to apply wet pack once a day in the morning while doing my Vipassana Meditation.

I mean despite of doing my regular morning and evening Practices, Cold shower, walk, still I used to feel so much gas, bloating, constipation and Migraine. So I started to do Wet Pack and still it took 4 days to improve my constipation.

After facing these problems again and again, from November 5, 2021 Friday, I stopped consuming milk and Yogurt. You will say, I could Go for dairy (milk, yogurt, butter) from grass-fed cows, which studies indicate contains more heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids, bone-supporting vitamin K, and other nutrients. You’re absolutely right, we started to bring Grass fed cow’s milk, which is much more expensive, still I was feeling so much gas and bloating.

No doubt grass fed cow’s milk is better, but I was having the same problem.

So finally I took the decision to go dairy-free, in which I stopped drinking milk, and stopped masala tea as well. No butter, No yogurt and no Paneer as well. I just eat very little Deshi Ghee, nothing else made from dairy.

Lactose intolerance is something we’re all familiar with, but the effects that dairy can impose on our health go way beyond just than a little stomach upset.

From that moment I took the decision to stop milk forever.

So I stopped drinking my night milk from today.

From November 10, 2021 Wednesday, I am feeling better and more contented than before, when I used to drink milk and eat yogurt.

For example I feel now more active after the dinner, because before after eating my dinner & then drinking milk, right away I started to feel so tired and sleepy that I couldn’t work on computer for more Than half an hour. But now I feel more comfortable working for my blogging business, even after eating my dinner.

From November 9, 2021 Tuesday, I stopped eating even homemade Yogurt as well.

How I Quit my Milk Addiction?

I am 57 years old and from my childhood, I’m used to drink milk after the dinner. When I was a little girl and used to live with my parents, my father was a farmer, so we used to haver our own buffalos, means fresh milk from our own buffalos. So everyday we all family members, used to drink milk after the dinner.

After my marriage, when I came to my in-laws house, my mother in-law used to give milk to all family members after the dinner. And the stories goes on, today my own sons are at the age of 29 and 32, and until now I was giving them milk.

Two years ago, I became aware about the quality of milk and watched so many videos that milk is harmful for our health, still I can’t stop.

Around a year ago I stopped milk for couple of months and instead of it, because I was badly addicted, I started to eat Besan Ka Sheera everyday after the dinner. Continuously I ate sheera for three weeks, then I started to drink masala tea every night after the dinner around 5 to 6 months.

Because already I was drinking tea 2-3 times in the day time and I started one more time after the dinner. When I started to felt shortness of breath in may 2021, then I stopped masala tea after the dinner and reduced tea in the day time from three to one. After reducing my caffeine, my shortness of breath became okay by eating some more healthy diet.

Couple of years ago, I quitted my morning tea(Trending Article) and you know what again, I started to drink after my dinner.

This or that way, means I can’t stop the the milk(so much addiction to this milk from my childhood)until the age of 57 (August 25, 2021)

Stop Consuming Milk from Today

There are so many reasons to stop consuming milk from today. But three reasons are most important to stopping your dairy right now ad they are:

  1. First and most important reason to stop consuming dairy is for our own health. According to the laws of nature, the milk of an organism is only suitable for the health of its child and not for any other living being. Cow milk contains a high quantity of growth hormones and is designed for a calf weighing 90 pounds at birth and 2000 pounds at age two.
  2. Second reason to stopping dairy is for Animal’s health. Cows at dairy farms are usually tortured & abused very badly. Due to horrific & inhumane treatment, these innocent creatures develop toxic feelings of fear, hatred, pain & helplessness. As a result, products obtained from them carry negative vibrations and are therefore tamasik in nature.
  3. Third reason to stopping dairy is for Environment’s health.

Finally I’m Winner

Today I have good news, because successfully I completed 5 weeks by not drinking my dinner milk and didn’t replace it with anything else.

You know what? I feel more happy and healthy after quitting my night milk. Conquering our own mind is the most difficult thing in the world. Our all habits become like addiction and getting rid from them, meaning freedom from these bad habits, whether they are eating habits or fighting to someone.

“Man Jeete Jag Jeet” in Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak is a world famous teaching of controlling over the desires of mind lest one gets corrupted by them. It means, one can win the world but one cannot easily win over the mind/ desires. Therefore, a man who has controlled his mind is greater than the one who has conquered the world.


So finally I am able to stop drinking milk forever. For last couple of years, around 10 years ago, I started to make improvements in my lifestyle, which took a lot of time. As much as I’m improving my lifestyle(especially eating habits)otherwise I’m good in doing my Vipassan Meditation and Yoga for last 20-21 years each day twice.

The most hard for me to quit my milk and quitting my morning tea. Couple of years ago, I quit my morning tea and now I quit my night milk.

One more good news is, I’m free from 100% Caffeine.

Means, I’m conquering my mind gradually and getting rid from my addictions. I’m sure you’ll like this Post, if you like please share it with your family and friends. Thanks for Reading!😄😄

Reasons Why I Gave Up Dairy
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