In last couple of years, I changed my eating habits a lot and have seen tremendous health benefits. Even I started to believe so much in Nature cure and whenever I have any health problem, I don’t run to go to doctor’s office for the tests and prescription, but do Natural things to cure it.

There are plenty of reasons, when one becomes sick and one of them is Overweight, which is automatically a big health problem, because overweight gives birth to so many other health problems.

When one starts thinking to lose weight and in my opinion, there are only two ways to lose weight. One is Natural way and the other is by spending so much money on Commercial Products. I strongly believe in Natural way and also recommend to use only Natural way to lose weight, because Natural way is not only safe, but also gives permanent cure. Also Nature Cure is almost free, just you have to believe in it.

Yes, Nature Cure is Permanent cure, but here you’ve to change your lifestyle and eat healthy food. Means you should eat the food as it comes from the Mother Nature and avoid 100% Junk and processed food. When you’re at the Journey to lose weight, you’ll learn new things to eat and gradually those healthy eating habits will become a part of your daily diet plan.

Nature cure, or natural care refer to methods of self-healing, often using fasting, dieting, rest, or hydrotherapy

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Question arises in our mind, why one gains weight? Reason are given below, because we can lose our weight only, when we know the reason of gaining weight. So it is very important to know the root cause of the problem. When we remove the root cause, then there will be no problem.

Reasons to Gain Weight ?

  1. Genetics: Some people believe that obesity has a strong genetic component. Children of obese parents, are much more likely to become obese than children of lean parents. Basically I don’t believe in this
  2. Eating Junk Food: Almost all grocery Stores are filled with processed foods that are hard to resist. junk food is now available all over the world. We see it everywhere we go — in grocery and convenience stores, fast-food restaurants. Basically they are products, so they are the same products, which are prepared in the factory to earn money. Means they have no food value in them. Junk food contribute lots of calories but little nutritional value, that’s why it increase your weight.
  3. Junk Food Addiction: Junk foods can be addictive, and up to 25% of people with obesity or excess weight may live with food addiction. In Corona time, when all the Restaurants were close, some Kids were crying, because of the Junk food, which they were used to eat, was not available at that time. So craving to Junk food helps to increase your weight.
  4. Medical Reasons: There are some medical reasons for putting on weight; such as-1-Ageing:- People begin to lose some muscle as they get older, because they become less active. Muscles are an efficient calorie burner, so a loss of muscle mass can mean you burn fewer calories and that’s why with the age they gain weight. 2-Stress & Low Mood:-Some people may lose weight, while others may gain weight. Weight gain from depression can make you more depressed, which can lead to further weight gain.

How I changed my Lifestyle?

If you really want to stay healthy, then learn to control your eating habits and change your lifestyle, which will automatically help you to not only lose extra pounds, but also gain good health. When we eat healthy food, then our body is internally clean, because we are not putting junk in it. So when our body is clean, then there will be no disease can stay in it. For example; When we switch on the lights, then dark has to go. So when we start eating fruits, vegetables, Green Juice, Sprouts, our all health problems started to vanish.

In Natural Life Style, Mohan Gupta Ji suggest to improve your eating habits and lifestyle. Further he says, you don’t have to eat medicine, just control your mind and change your eating habits. It means our body has the healing power, which can heal all health problems.

I made unlimited improvements in my lifestyle over the years. It is long time, when I started to change my eating habits and overall lifestyle. So these healthy eating habits, which I developed over the years are helping me to not only Lose weight, but also I am gaining good health.

Gradually I made many Changes in my Lifestyle

Around 11 years ago(by the time of writing this post: September 19, 2021 Sunday, I stopped eating white sugar and replaced it with Jaggery powder and Jaggery. Also Changed our whole wheat to whole grain flour.

Around 10 years ago, I stopped eating from Outside, even no tea from any restaurant. Then stopped eating junk food and stopped making fry food at home; such as Pakoras couple of years ago.

Especially 4 years ago, I Quit my morning tea and instead of it, I started to drink Green vegetable Juice, made from different kind of vegetables; such as Spinach juice, Coriander Juice, Kale juice, Carrot Juice etc. Also at the same time instead of lunch, I started to eat fruits and I see tremendous benefits in my overall health.

Still I was facing some problems; such as legs pains, tiredness, but I am not eating any medicine for last many years and even no supplements. I mange my problems with the help of Vipassana Meditation, Yoga and by changing my lifestyle(means healthy diet)

In April, 2021 when I started to have shortness of breaths, then I tried Abdominal Wet Pack and Enema. From both, Abdominal wet pack gave me lot of benefit in shortness of breath and my stomach became very soft as well while I was using it for a month. But I used it for a month only, because it was little difficult here in Canada to use and dry my clothes due to Cold weather.

In this Point from June, 2021 I changed my flour and instead of eating wheat flour roti, I started to eat Bajra, Satu, Oats, Ragi, Corn Roti in breakfast and dinner. Now I use very little wheat flour in my breakfast and dinner. Breakfast made from these flours and as well as dinner is not only tasty, but gave me so much health benefits.

Not only me, but my all family members, we love these flours breakfast and dinner. They are little expensive than the wheat flour, but nothing is expensive than the good health. In the long run, even you can save much more money and will be able to make much more money.

You know Why? because when your health is good, you don’t have to eat medicines and you can even earn more money.

Why I told this whole story, because nothing can help you, unless you change your eating habits, and when you change your eating habits, then you don’t need anything else to help you, because by eating your good quality food, you are going to stay healthy. This all is my own experience, which I learned in last 17 years(wow what a long time, right? yes it is) It is very difficult to break your childhood habits, but we have to do and we do only, when our health give us problem

What I eliminate from my Daily Diet Plan?

I’m so happy that I’m free from so many bad habits, which are given below and they are not the part of my daily diet anymore.

  1. No morning tea for last 4 years
  2. No lunch for 7 years(Just fruit salad)
  3. No tea dinner time
  4. No fast food for last 17 years
  5. No Samosas and Pizzas for last 17 years.
  6. No Pakoras and fry Parathas for last couple of years
  7. No milk for las two weeks(yes you heard right, I stopped drinking my night milk as well)
  8. No namkeen for last couple of months
  9. No Sweets anymore and even no homemade Roasted Chana Pennies
  10. I stopped eating butter(makhani) as well

NOTE: Only one thing is left to eliminate from my diet plan and that is 2 cups of Masala chai, which I am still drinking, but for last one week, first cup of my tea, I drink after 12 Pm and second cup around 5 PM. Gradually I’m quitting my tea, because I can not remove it immediately, otherwise I started to have migraine without drinking it. That’s why the longest period took to reduce my tea. Except this I don’t have any other bad eating habit.

This Weightloss tea is really tasty and even help you to quit your tea addiction. It is only one week, since I started to drink it, I’m sure, this tea can help me quit my all 100% Caffeine gradually.

I tried herbal teas bought from the market; such as Chamomile tea, Green tea, peppermint tea etc. But I never liked any of them. Even I tried many times homemade herbal teas; such as-mint herbal tea, basil herbal tea, orange peel herbal tea etc. again I never liked any of them.

But it is the first time, I like this tea and even it suits to my body, means after drinking it, no side effects I’m getting from it. Even this herbal tea is giving me instant benefits; such as:-

  1. After taking my morning shower, I do yoga and then eat fruits in an empty stomach. Then I do meditation and after finishing it, when I am craving for masala chai, then for last one week I’m drinking this detox tea, which is not only tasty, but helping me to quit this tea
  2. Second benefit of drinking this tea is, I’m losing some weight with this tea as well
  3. After drinking masala chai, I used to feel guilty(because my aim is to stop drinking black tea)but by drinking this Weightloss tea, I feel confident to reach to my goal
  4. All ingredients used in this tea are Natural, means getting benefits from all of them and in the long run I will get more benefits
  5. No addiction to this herbal tea
  6. After drinking masala chai, I was not feeling hungry and my mouth taste always become sour, but after drinking this herbal tea, my mouth taste is good and in very short time, I feel hungry for my breakfast and now even I enjoy my breakfast more
  7. I am very confident that this tea is going to help me to quit my caffeine 100%

Detox Weight loss Tea Recipe

  1. Pour a little over than a cup of water in the saucepan
  2. Now add Mint and basil
  3. Add black cardamom powder
  4. Add Ajwain(Carom seeds)
  5. Add Fennel seeds
  6. Add choti elachi by crushing in the mortar
  7. Let it steep for 7-10 minutes and then cover with the lid
  8. Let it stay for 2 minutes and then strain and drink little hot
  9. You can also eat soaked dry fruits with it
  10. Don’t eat and drink anything else for an hour
How I Changed my Diet habits & Lose Weight

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