Why Is Saving Important?

Doesn’t matter where you are on your financial journey, but it is so important to know that it’s possible for anyone to turn their financial life around and start Saving Money.

Sometimes we think it is so hard, but believe me, it is not that tough to Save Money, no matter what profession we’re doing?

If you are worried about how to save money? you’re not alone, even there are many people or families, who don’t Save Money at all.

Saving Money should be priority for everyone, and there are plenty of ways to save money that don’t involve making Sacrifices, either. 

Question. Why Saving is Important?

Answer.  Saving is Important to become Financially Independent.

You know what? Nowadays to borrow Money from Banks is so easy,  then Why would Anyone wants to save money and buy with Cash?

In my opinion Saving Money is so important, because when you borrow Money, no matter from which Bank? The Interest Rate is so high.

When you return Money back to the Bank, you have to pay interest also and in the long run this interest will become a huge amount. But on the other side, for example – you have your own Savings, then you don’t have to borrow Money, means you don’t have to pay any Interest to the Banks.

So this ways that Money you can use to do your things done; such as Buying a New Car, Paying your Mortgage, Paying your Bills, Paying your Student Loan, Do Home Renovation etc.

Everybody wants to become financially independent, but only few people get there.

Attaining financial independence starts with a Plan and a Willingness to commit to that particular Plan.

Am I Right?

Yes, I’m, because when you spend more than, what you have and don’t Save at all, then you’re far away from becoming Financially Independent. You’re running to the Opposite side.

For example, if you are new to Saving, means you never thought to Save money until today, you don’t need to immediately put aside all your Money.  You can Start with a small amount – maybe $100 Monthly and gradually increase it as you get more comfortable by Saving little by little. Every $1 makes a difference.

Starting out slowly will help you build the Confidence, which is needed for long-term Success.

I will give here my own example: We moved to Canada(Real Story) in February, 2002 and at that time we brought $30, 000 with us. When we came here, we we used to spend from this Money for Renting an Apartment, Groceries and for other Stuff. But I put aside $6, 000 in the Bank and decided not to touch it.

As soon as our rest money was finished, I started to work as a Security Officer and started to Earn for the Rent and Groceries, which helped us to Save that $6, 000.

After that my husband also started to work and we used to Save one’s Salary and spending one Salary for Expenses. I worked only Three years and me and my husband planned that I should not work & stay at home to look after my family.

In next 4-5 years my both sons were in high School and they got Scholarships; such as Elizabeth and some more. My both sons gave that money to us and we planned to Buy our own Home.

Hardly we had our Savings $50, 000 and we bought our first Home in Canada, which was like winning a lottery, I can’t explain the excitement for that first home in Canada.

In the first six months, it was hard to Pay Mortgage for the home and then it was okay. We lived in that Home for almost 4 years and then we Sold that home for $450, 000 and bought our much Bigger Home than the previous one. Today if we sell this Home in 2021, we can Save at least, $3, 00000 to 4, 00000, which is a great amount.

Yes, I never Buy so many Clothes since I’m married to my husband for last 33 years, Don’t buy so many Shoes. Means I have only few pair of Pants, T-shirts, Shoes, handbag etc.

I never Buy Expensive Stuff for my Home and used to do minor Home Repairs myself.

Today almost after 19 years being here in Canada, We(me and my husband)have our big home(The value of this home is $17, 00000-19, 00000) My Elder Son has two homes and my younger son, who is 29 years old has one home in very expensive area.

Secret Saving Tips

  1. There are many other ways, which can help you to Save; such as-Not spending much on Unnecessary stuff(means you can control your Spending habits)
  2. Paying off your student loan and credit card debt by decreasing your other expenses; such as- by not eating out
  3.  You should always be saving money no matter what’s your Salary? That’s one of the very best strategies to make sure, you are always moving forward towards Financial freedom
  4. Most people believe to take high-paying job, nothing wrong, but it cannot make you Rich or Save a lot to become financial free. Yes, it’s easier to amass assets if you have more monthly income, but one key to increase your net worth is to spend less than you make.

Below are the Countless Reasons to Save Money from right now.

35 Quick & Easy Ways to Save Money Daily!

  1. Don’t Buy Coffee or Tea: ☕ Don’t Buy Coffee, Tea & Pizza. You’ll think it is very small amount. No this small amount becomes big amount in the long run. Take your lunch from Home, which will help you to Save and stay healthy, because when you Cook your food at home, of course you not only Save, but also become healthy. You can Save a lot of Money by making Tea/Coffee at home, which takes only 2 minutes.
  2. Save Little Money Each Month: If you have to manually transfer money into your accounts, you can choose the amount to transfer in your Accounts according to the monthly expenses. I like this way to transfer small amount each month to my Savings Account; such as-sometimes I transfer $200, sometimes $300 or little more
  3. Check Weekly Flyers: When you go to Buy Groceries or any other Stuff, always check which store has the Sale going on and Buy from there. This way you can Save up to $20-30 per Week for 2 people. If you have more family members, you can Save a lot more. Every Penny makes a difference
  4. Never Eat Out or Cook at Home?. If you want to Save, through my own example I will say, Never eat out, have no cable subscriptions and even if your home is bigger than you need, you can downsize it. Dining out is most expensive for most households.
  5. Avoid Debt by Keeping Only 1-2 Cards: Pay off your Credit Cards very carefully to keep your debt from piling up. Some people like to have many Credit Cards, which is not the good idea at all. I used to have so many cards, then I cancelled many of them and kept only two, which I like the most.
  6. Buy Only What you Need: Some people really love Shopping and Buy a lot of unnecessary Stuff, which even they don’t need at all. Why you make your house full with Stuff?
  7. Don’t Buy Expensive Clothes: I never Buy Expensive Clothes, yes I really love to Buy my Clothes in Cotton and in good quality. If there is any function and you have to wear fancy clothes, yes then buy some, but not so much expensive, because this is really a wastage of Money, when you Buy really Expensive Clothes
  8. Don’t Forget to Refinancing Your Mortgage: Maybe you can Save some money by changing the Rate of your Mortgage. For example our fix Mortgage was for 5 years. Then we met our Financial Advisor personally in the Bank and understand everything clearly before signing our next Contract. This way now we are saving $15 monthly in this Contract for next 5 years, means Saving $180 per year, which is not a big amount, but something is there.
  9. Don’t Drink Bottled Water: I never buy bottles to drink water and even you don’t have to buy, because either you can use  Water Filter Pitcher or just use Copper Jug for Tap water. When you put tap water into the Copper Jug, it recharge and become healthy for us to drink. Bottle Water is very expensive. You can Save a lot by using Copper Jugs or just Steel Jugs.
  10. Take Your Lunch from Home: Taking lunch from Home can save you thousands of dollars per year. In my own Home 3 People go to work daily and work 5 days a week. We are saving 4, 500 yearly and not only this, homemade food is always more tasty and healthy. So I recommend to take or give lunch to your Kids and other family members from home.
  11. Save on Movies: I don’t know how people spend a lot of money for Buying Movie tickets to go to the theatres. In my last 19 years, I just went to theatre only once. I’m not fond of watching movies, If I want to watch a movie once a while, I watch on YouTube. Nothing harm to watch movies in theaters once a while, but don’t watch on regular basis.
  12. Shop for Insurance: You know what? before buying Insurance for your Car,  home, and life insurance, Shop around and compare with other Companies.
  13. Buy a Used Car?: If you’re on Initial stage to establish in the New Country, as we moved here in Canada, or even you don’t have much money to Buy a new car. In this kind of situation, you should not buy a new car. For example-We bought used car first time and use it for 6 years. Again here, we bought used car and used it almost 12 years. Now we bought our New Car.
  14. Buy Stuff from Dollar Store: l love Dollarama and Buy a lot of Stuff from it. For example, I buy Dish Sops, Bleach, Zipper locks, Brooms, Dustpans, note books, Decorative Stuff; such as- Gems, Pebbles, Sceneries, flower baskets, Pots, Garden tools, Garden Edges and so much more. These all thing are much more cheaper here than any other Stores; such as Walmart.
  15. Borrow Books from Library: Visit your local library and borrow Books, which are available for you to Read or take knowledge.
  16. Save on Groceries: You can Save some money on Groceries by growing some Vegetables in your Backyard Garden or at least you can grow some Herbs in even Grow Bags or Pots. You can also Save money by checking the weekly flyers.
  17. Don’t Buy Expensive Toys?: If you’ve Kids, then don’t buy expensive toys, because kids grow quickly and then all these toys will waste. Most children, especially young ones, can be entertained very cheaply. Now my both sons are big, even when they were kids, I never bought expensive toys for them.
  18. Don’t Buy Snacks: Buying and eating Snacks is not only unhealthy, but you waste a lot of money also. Instead of eating Snacks, make something healthy at home, which is not only cheaper, but also will make you healthy. Such as; you can make Roasted Chana Pennies.
  19. Turn off the lights & Fans??: Might be you’ll surprise & also laugh, but believe me Turning off the lights when you have plenty of natural sunlight can also help to keep your electric bill down over time. I have seen in my own home, my husband and Kids, they never switch off the lights and bathroom fans.
  20. Buy used furniture: I never bought used stuff to use in Kitchen, which is most important. but only 3 times, I bought something; such as-Television, Blender and one time Wardrobe. So this way you can save some money.
  21. Buy Home in cheaper place to live: To live you can Buy your Home little outside from the big City, where houses can be Cheaper in price
  22. Pay Bills On Time: Always pay your bills on time. If you pay bills late, then you have to pay interest and late charges on missed bills, which is like throwing Money in the gutter. If you miss your bill payments each month, it can also impact your credit Rating. It is very important to pay your bills on time, which can save your money, means you don’t have to pay interest & late Charges.
  23.  Buy Laundry Detergent On Sale: We all wear different clothes for home and for work. So we have to do laundry, means have to use laundry detergent. Here I’ll tell you one secret to Save Money on Laundry; such as-Buy laundry detergent, when it is on Sale & Buy as much as you can.
  24. Save Energy on Laundry Day: Do laundry on Weekends or when it is not the peak time, because your washing machine will use the same amount of Energy regardless of what time you run it? So you can often save on your energy bill by washing your clothes at different times of the day, means when the Rate is low.  Switching your temperature settings from hot to warm can cut energy consumption in half & changing from warm to cold can save even little bit more, which I never knew. In hot countries, you can Save more by shifting it from warm to Cold
  25. Wash Larger Loads: I don’t only one bigger laundry weekly, means I fill washing machine up to top & my machine runs one hour. By not using second laundry, I save one hour. Then I use dryer twice to dry same clothes, which I washed only in once in washing machine.
  26. Work Extra to Make Money?: When you can’t Save anything from your Salary, then do something Extra to Make some extra Money. There are many Ways to Make Some Extra Money; such as-Get a part-time job; such as in Tim Hortons, McDonald, Packaging etc.
  27. Make Passive Income: Some people have free time and then you can Earn Passive Income. You can Start a WordPress Blog, You can Make YouTube Videos. It is a Venture, which is growing Rapidly. So you can create Videos in just about any area, which you like the most; such as-Recipe Videos, Music, Teaching Math, Teaching a Language etc. When you have good amount of Subscribers and Views, then you can Make Money with Google AdSense.
  28. Create an online course. Everybody is an expert at something, so in your free time, you can create an online course about your passion, which can grow gradually and make Money for you. There are many ways that you can produce and host your Online Course; such as-simply use a website like Udemy.com.
  29. Cancel Unused Subscriptions. If you are not reading those magazines, which are lying there in your home, then it’s time to cancel your subscription and save the Money.
  30. Buy in Bulk. Buy Detergent, Bathroom Tissues, Paper Towels in bulk, when they are on sale. I always buy these items as many as can, when there is Sale. So this way you can Save a lot.
  31. Use Towels instead of Paper Towels: I just started to use towels in bathrooms, when we go to washroom after washing our hands instead of Paper towels. We can wash these towels in laundry and Save money to Buy Paper Towels.
  32. Reduce fees charged by your Bank. Bank fees might seems very small, but they all add up. So be aware of the fees, which your Bank Charges and try to avoid it.
  33. Save Tax Refund Money. Sometimes, when we file our Tax Returns for the year, we Get Refund. Easily we can Save this money into our Savings Account.
  34.  Use Promo Codes Online. Sometimes when we Buy Online, then there are Sales going on; such as- Christmas Sale, Boxing Sale.
  35. Minimize your spending. You know what? Some people spend a lot of money on Expensive things. Never Buy very expensive products. Make a search Online, Check your local Stores, if still it is expensive, what you need, then wail for the Sale. Just keep on checking, you’ll get it. For example– 5 years back, we wanted to buy 2 Garage Doors, but each of them was $400 in Canadian Tire. My husband wait for 6 months and then there was Sale on same doors and he bought two doors for only $400. This way we could Save $400+Taxes.
Daily Money Saving Tips