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Cold showers have many health benefits that I can say with my own experience. Though the experience is little over than a month, which is still very short period to see more results, but I’m really enjoying my cold showers each morning.

Water therapy also called hydrotherapy and it has been used for centuries to take advantage of our body’s tendency to adapt to harsher conditions. As a result, our bodies become more resistant to stress.

We all want happier, healthier, and stronger life and for that, we’ve to do efforts. Right?

Yes, we’ve to eat healthy diet, do some Yoga, do Meditation, walk, spend some time with family and friends.

Not only this, there is so much more that can give us benefits; such as-Cold shower, Pet Ki Patti, Enema etc.

Since I’m more aware about Natural ways that can keep us healthy, I am much more happier than, when I was at the age of 30s.

Basically couple of years ago, I started to take hot and cold showers, which did not gave me any benefit and then I stopped and now when I’m at the age of 57 and believing more and more on Natural Treatment to cure my body, then once again, I planned to give a try.

My Cold Shower One month Challenge

Fist time in my life at the age of 57, in Sep18, 2021, I took cold shower and now every day I’m taking cold shower in the morning. Today is October 25, 2021 by the time of writing this post. Basically from the first day of my cold shower, I started this post and wrote the date of starting my cold showers challenge, so I don’t forget.

When my one month was completed and I stopped for 4-5 days and started to take my warm shower. You know what? after these days, I missed my cold shower and despite of cold already started here in Canada, I took the decision to take cold showers for my whole life.

You are stronger than you think you are.

Wim hof

 What is Wim Hof Method?

You might have heard about Wim Hof, which is very popular person and known as ‘Iceman.’

The Wim Hof Method is based on the principle. The Method is based on three powerful pillars and they are:-

  1. Breathing: The first pillar of the wim hof method is breathing. In this Pillar, you’ll learn how to increase your energy, decrease stress and strengthen your immune system.
  2. Cold therapy: The cold is your warm friend and one of the three pillars of the wim hof method. Exposing your body to cold is that it reduces inflammation, swelling and sore muscles. Therefore, many athletes use ice baths and other types of exposure to cold as a means to speed up recovery after physical exercise.
  3. Commitment: The third pillar of the wim hof method is the foundation of the other two: both cold exposure and conscious breathing require patience and dedication in order to be fully mastered.

To know more about Wim Hof Method,👉 Check This

 Thousands of people from all over the world already incorporate cold showers into their daily routines. The power of the Wim Hof Method is the combination of the three pillars. A committed, consistent practice including the breathing technique and cold exposure can help you unlock a host of benefits.

How I started my Cold Shower?

I started doing a 30 day cold shower experiment and after completing the experiment of cold showers successfully I’m writing this article to share my experience. But I will continue my cold showers, because I love them.

I’ve found, that if I start off with a warm shower, and turn my temperature down over time, cold showers are actually pretty comfortable. Its not even a chore or fight to do, and once I’m at the coldest temperature I started to love it. The longer I am in them, the more it starts to feel warm and comfortable. It’s really only the initial shock of the first couple of minutes, but that goes away almost immediately, because now I’m fully immerse myself and commit every day to take only cold shower. Even I bath my hair with cold water, which I started for my one week rice water challenge for hair growth.

How I take my Cold Shower?

Despite of taking cold shower each morning than a month, still I feel cold when I start taking my shower. So I use 20/80 method to take my cold shower. Means 20% of the time, I use warm water for both, my body as well as hair and then I use 80% of the time absolutely cold water for my body and hair. While using cold water, I feel happy and after taking my shower, I feel more happy and confident.

Benefits that I got from Cold Shower

Though it is only one month, so still it is not that much time to see the good results. But still I can see some below benefits:-

  1. I just want to point out that since I am taking cold shower, my early morning negativity is less, means not all gone, but it is less than before
  2. I can definitely say cold shower makes a difference in my mood and willpower. My confidence is increasing and immediately after it, I did one more challenge for a week and that was Rice Water and still I’m continuing after seeing the benefits of rice water for hair growth
  3. I’ve been taking cold showers little over a month, and planned to continue in all seasons including winter, because I live here in Canada, where while the time of writing this article, the weather is started to become very cold. Basically It’s more fun than hot showers
  4. Now I feel more active in the day than before
  5. Now I feel more calm and relax than before
  6. Now I feel less anxious than before
  7. I can tolerate colder water, stay in cold showers longer from the day one. I find them far more enjoyable now comparatively with hot showers. Since I know, I was taking hot showers and after taking the shower, I used to feel so uncomfortable and agitated, but now with cold shower, I feel more comfortable and feeling some above health benefits as well.
  8. My skin is also improving and my hair fall is decreasing

Treat your Physical & Mental Health Problems with Cold Showers

In day to day life due to this or that reason, people are becoming sick, not only physically, but also mentally. I believe in doing Natural things to cure physical or mental health problems. So here in this article I’m talking about Natural way to cure your physical and mental problems for free. Yes, for free and that is Cold Shower once a day only with healthy lifestyle.

A lot of the research into the benefits of cold showers suggests that the water does not necessarily need to be cold for the entire duration of the shower for the person to experience positive effects.

A person can start by taking a warm shower and then switching the water to cold for a brief time. This could be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

This Cold shower can do wonders for you, because it changed my life and after doing it continuously for 30 days, then only I’m writing this post and confidently I can recommend to do. But those, who are sick, they must consult with the professional doctor to start with cold showers.

Cold temperatures make us shiver — an autonomous response to keep your body temperature up. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed cold baths for his patients. In ancient Roman times, one ritual is to move through several rooms with increasing temperatures, then ending with a plunge in a cold pool. You still see practices like this in spas around the world. Athletes take ice baths to reduce local inflammation and soreness and improve injury recovery times.

Scientifically Approved 9 Cold Shower Benefits

Researchers at Harvard found that cold showers, lead to fewer sick days, improve sleep, and also reduce stress by activating the sympathetic nervous system.

The cold stimulates you to take deeper breaths, and helping you better concentrate. Cold showers have been proven to have an amazing effect on your well-being and health. 


1. Increases endorphins

Nowadays people are living more virtual life, means most of the time they are living indoors whether they are working in the offices and all their work is on computers, even those, who are not working, still they are watching something on TV or Computer videos. Physical work is not involved at all and if some people are doing exercises, they go to Gym to do that, which is again indoor.

So these kind of environment is the cause of depression and there are many more other factors as well; such as-Financial problems, married life problems etc. Those all are all the cause of depression. But how to cope with depression? Many drugs treat depression, depending on the severity or duration of symptoms.

One holistic method of treatment that’s gaining popularity is hydrotherapy. Taking a cold shower for up to 5 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week, was shown to help relieve symptoms of depression in a clinical trial.

For people with depression, cold showers can work as a kind of gentle electroshock therapy. The cold water sends many electrical impulses to your brain. They jolt your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Endorphins, which are sometimes called happiness hormones, are also released. This effect leads to feelings of well-being and optimism.

2. Helps improve metabolism

Taking cold shower can help to increase metabolism, which can help to fight obesity over time. The research Trusted Source about how exactly cold showers help people lose weight is unclear.

Still, it does show that cold water can even out certain hormone levels and heal the gastrointestinal system. These effects may add to the cold shower’s ability to lead to weight loss

3. Give your skin & hair a healthy glow

Wellness expert Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, MD, says that cold water tightens and constricts the blood flow, which gives your skin a healthier glow. According to an article published on the website, cold water closes and strengthens your hair cuticles.

As a result of the effects of cold water, your hair may be more likely to become stronger and healthier over time. I read a comment, where the person wrote in the comment section that she/he is taking cold shower for last 6 years and confidently can say that the cold showers help to hair lost.

4. Help to Reduce Pain

Exposure to cold water can cause the blood vessels to constrict, which can help to reduce any swelling and edema that causes pain. Cold water can also slow the speed at which nerve signals conduct impulses.

This can reduce the rate at which nerves transmit pain signals to the brain, which can lower a person’s perception of pain.

5. Higher level of alertness

Cold showers wake your body up, inducing a higher state of alertness. The cold also stimulates you to take deeper breaths, decreasing the level of CO2 throughout the body, helping you concentrate. Cold showers thus keep you ready and focused throughout the day.

6. Improve Your Mood

What most people don’t know about is that, Cold therapy drastically can improve your mood and mental health that may even prevent or treat depression.

Mood swings can be very frequent, and we all go through those mornings where nothing goes as planned. I found having this hard ritual first thing in the morning made it easier to get over bad mood days. Overcoming the shower gives a sustained feeling that it’s not that hard to get through the day and respect what I said I was going to do.

7. Makes you Comfortable to face Tuff Situations

We don’t like Cold shower, but we do because of health benefits that it has. So the same way we can face tough situations, which even we don’t like, but still they come. Such as financial problems or any other problem.

8. Makes harder things to do Easily

As I expected, “doing things you don’t want to do” is a skill, and cold showers seem to be an excellent way to train this skill. By getting used to discomfort and by improving your ability to go from comfort to discomfort, getting stuff done becomes easier.

9. Cold Showers Increase Alertness

Cold shower increase your alertness and since I’m taking cold showers, I feel more active.

What others say about Cold Shower experiment?

There are so many videos on YouTube and so many articles written about the benefits of cold showers. Same way 👉this video has almost 15, 000 comments. I watched one another video 👉 ‘What Happens After 30 Days of Cold Shower? I read the comments, because this video has thousands comments, where people write about their experiments and some of them are written below:-

  1. According to Woody StenZ, “I take cold showers as soon as I finish my morning workouts , it makes me feel confident, calm and on focus.”
  2. According to solidPEAR, ” As someone who has been taking cold showers for the past 2 years at this point (part of the wim hoff method) i’d say the biggest benefit is just being able to deal with certain situations, feel more comfy and relaxed, especially after showers. Also feels good to be the one guy always jumping into cold water.”
  3. According to RidasJG, ” Cold showers are truly amazing, gives such a pure, raw energy that nothing else does and builds your mental toughness at the same time. It took me couple of weeks to get to the coldest shower, at first Luke warm seemed too cold and I thought that I’d never be able to turn that hot water knob completely off. One day I just imagined I’m under a big cold waterfall and went full cold while controlling my breath. Since then It’s easier and easier, can now stand under cold shower for 5 minutes no problem and it’s even more enjoyable than a hot one for sure!”
  4. According to Senso Eirensen, ” Taking cold showers every morning after running. I feel like a new born full of power and good feelings!f”
  5. According to Krul Mondry, “I miss the days when I started doing cold showers, the most “painful” but the best moments in the journey. After like a month it doesn’t feel like a challenge anymore and you don’t feel that satisfaction. I’m doing cold showers for like half a year so far and now it’s just my daily routine.”
  6. According to Dryden Ellis, “As soon as I found out about the cold therapy stuff, I started doing it. Now I can basically just sit in snow and be fine. It’s amazing”
  7. According to J Phillips, “Started taking cold showers about 3 months ago…I look forward to them, the rush that I get very refreshing and mood changing.”
  8. According to coal1 month ago, ” I’ve been taking mostly cold showers for a little over a year and I have been taking them not only because the obvious benefits, but because it makes me uncomfortable which helps me gets used to uncomfortable situations.”
  9. According to Virgn Thermostat1 month ago, “I took a cold shower every morning for a month and was on the carnivore diet and I’ve never felt better in my 31 years of being alive.”
  10. According to ICkomodo071 month ago, “My mother forced me to take the shower that doesn’t have a heater, at first I hated it but after a few months I got used to it, and I realized that I feel a lot fresher and healthier, thanks mom.”
  11. According to Михаил Руденко 1 month ago, “I took cold shower for 4 months every day because I moved to cold apartments and was sure that if I leave bathroom after hot shower and step in cold apartment, I will have flu immediately. I was able to keep myself healthy without any flu during whole winter thanks to cold shower. Usually I have flu every winter. And many people think, that to take cold shower they should stay under cold water for 5 minutes. No, guys, that’s not true. I took hot shower every morning for 10 minutes and then last 30 seconds were under cold water. Just 30 seconds of cold shower after 10 minutes of hot. And effect almost the same as 5 minutes after cold water. Your body does not need to stay 5 minutes after cold water to boost immunity. 30 seconds enough.”

So I am inspired from the Dutch Iceman — Wim Hof, to continue my cold showers forever and hope to see more benefits in the long run, because it is very refreshing. Definitely I will UPDATE this article after couple of months to let my readers know, how I’m feeling now and what the benefits I got more?

My Cold Shower Challenge 4 a Month

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