There are many good reasons to use grow bags to grow something for our Kitchen. I just started to use grow bags 3 years ago and it is the third year that I’m using the same grow bags. They are absolutely fine and at least I can use them for couple of more years. Even they are much more cheaper than Plastic Plant Containers.

Peas in Grow Bags

Why I started to use Grow Bags?

I used to grow my plants or herbs in my Backyard Garden and only in Plastic Plant Containers. Rarely I use Terra Cotta Pots. My plants used to grow good in Backyard Garden(means in soil) They also used to grow good in Plastic Plant Containers, but after sometime, they started to dry quickly. Then I have notice that plastic Plant containers are not the good idea to use, but instead of them, Grow bags are much more better for plants health and the price value for grow bags as well.

This happened after Using Grow Bags

You know what? After using grow bags for almost three years, I started to love them, because I can even grow more in one grow bag, instead of one plastic plant container. My plants grow well in grow bags and there are many more benefits of using them, which are written below:-

  • Easy to move around: One of the biggest advantages of grow bags is that they’re easy to move around, as they are lighter than plastic pots and have handles to move them from place to place. I am always changing their locations as I grow more or the weather changes. They are so easy to move.
  • Healthier root systems are formed: Roots are less likely to circle, which is also referred to as rootbound, since they weren’t grown in a plastic pot. This makes the plants easier to establish and give more fruits.
  • They regulate the temperature: Plastic pots can get hot when placed in the sun. Since grow bags are made of breathable material, you don’t need to worry about them overheating. Excess heat easily escapes from the grow bag material. Very beneficial for this point of view
  • No Overwater: Grow bags will release any extra water through holes in the material. This avoids mold and fungus that can happen when overwatering a plant in a plastic container.
  • They’re easy to store: Plastic pots take up a lot of room to store. Grow bags fold flat and can easily be stored until you need them.
  • Some Grow Bags are biodegrade: Some grow bags are completely biodegradable, so if you choose to plant them in the ground, they’ll break down in the soil. But I never used like this and even will not use in future also.
  • You don’t have to worry about your ground soil: Since you’ll be adding the soil of your choice to the grow bags, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your ground soil.
  • You’ll save time: Grow bags make quick work out of planting, so you’re going to save your time.
  • No Weeds: Mostly I have seen weeds come in Soil, but in grow bags, you’ll not have weeds to take out

The Cons of Grow Bags

Why to use Grow Bags

Grow bags aren’t without their disadvantages. Here’s why you may want to reconsider using grow bags and staying with traditional pots instead.

  • Have to water more frequently: Since the grow bags are porous, water leaves them quickly, and you’ll find that you need to water grow bags more frequently than plastic pots. If you tend to be less diligent with watering, grow bags might not be the right fit for you.
  • They aren’t as durable: Other pots; such as-Plastic Plant containers may last many years up to a lifetime. Grow bags, unfortunately, do not. They’ll need to be replaced every 4-5 years growing seasons.
  • The costs add up: Since you are replacing them so frequently, the cost of using grow bags can be more expensive than using traditional Plastic pots.
  • You may find them unattractive: Grow bags are sack-like bags and come in usually black, brown, or gray, and therefore, they aren’t as pretty as some hard-sided pots.
  • Heavy to Pick: While being able to move grow bags around is a big advantage, some of the grow bags can get really heavy. Any grow bag that weighs more than 25 pounds is going to be difficult to move around, and you’ll need to plan a permanent place for heavy grow bags.
Why to use Grow Bags

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