Benefits of Wet Pack & Healthy Lifestyle

Using a wet pack on the stomach is really beneficial for the digestive system and overall health. Wet Pack is very effective Natural tool to get rid of Toxins from the body that helps in relieving in various diseases. Wet Pack is the Simplest, Effective and best Natural Way to Detox your body for free of cost.   On April 26, 2021, I started Pet Ki Patti on regular basis once a day for 30 to 40

Detox with an Enema

Due to the Modern lifestyle nowadays we have and as we grow, toxins accumulate in our bodies. Even one is eating healthy food such as I do, still polluted environment and chemicals in the vegetables and fruits stay in our bodies, which make us sick. It is full of toxic substances that stays in our body for years and turn into a disease. According to Ayurveda to stay healthy in this kind of polluted environment, we should