So you want to start a fashion blog and make money from it? Well, you’re in the right place. This guide covers exactly how to create your own fashion/clothing blog and get paid for your fashion sense.

This guide will also walk you through the process of how to start a fashion blog with WordPress, from choosing the right blogging platform.

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Blogging has become a part of our lives, a new field in which many Succeed.

Every day, thousands of blogs are Created, and every blogger dreams of living exclusively from his Passion – blogging.

It is possible; you have to set up a self-hosted WordPress site for your blog and work hard for it. To Make this WordPress Fashion Niche Website, you need your hosting from the proper hosting provider and I recommend? to use Siteground.

Fashionsta is a perfect free fashion WordPress theme for your fashion blog
Fashionsta free fashion WordPress theme

To Create beautiful Home Page(Front Page ) of your Fashion Blog, you can use, Elementor Pro, The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder.

Getting Your Fashion Blog Started

v neck blouse for women
v neck blouse for women

‘Fashion’ sounds like a niche, but in truth it’s a broad category that contains dozens of smaller niches. Every style has its own niche. Many styles contain more than one niche.

To start your fashion blog, you’ll need 3 things

1. Domain name – this is your address or “name” online. It’s what visitors will type in to get to your blog.

2. Hosting server – this is where your blog will physically live. When someone types in your domain name, their browser will go to this server to get the information and deliver it to your visitor’s computer.

3. Blogging Software – This is Software that lives on your hosting server that allows you to log in, add content, and manage your blog.

Well today I’ll explain how you can start your own blog and get your website off the ground! 

The fashion industry is ever growing and there are tons of outlets for people looking for fashion advice.  The first thing you’ll want to do is come up with a basic business plan for your fashion blog.  Here are some key metrics to consider:

  • What niche will you be targeting?  (adults, men, women, Kids etc.)
  • What demographic are you aiming for?
  • Will you be selling products directly on your website or is it purely an information website?
  • Who will benefit from your blog and why?
  • Is this a full-time or part-time venture?

Before Buying any Hosting, always Read Customer Reviews to see what type of support they offer?

A Step-by-Step Guide To Start Fashion Blog with SiteGround

Do you have a great sense of style? If yes, why not start a blog and become a fashion blogger?

Starting a new fashion blog and Making money with it is not very easy. lt takes time and hard work before you start making money. But of course one can accomplish anything if he/she does work consistently and persistently.

Picking a Blogging platform and and how to Monetize your Blog to make some Money with it, you’ll get everything here.

1. Choose a Specific Niche

To be more specific and connect with your target audience, choose very specific Niche. For example here my own Niche Website is You can share your knowledge of the color, the patterns, and how to be super on-trend.

The fashion world is overwhelming, changing day by day. But still there are some people, who like old fashion styles like me.

2. Find the Short & Perfect Domain Name of your Fashion Blog

A domain name is the blog name. is the Domain Name, where you can get the information to Start your own WordPress Blog on SiteGround or Bluehost.

  • You can buy a domain from a Domain Registrar such as SiteGroud. Some fashion bloggers use personal names as their domain names, which helps in personal branding and creates a loyal following. So before choosing a Domain name search on Google, ‘how other fashion bloggers choose names?’
  • For a Country-specific audience go for that Country’s extension. For example, for blog audiences in India go for .in extension, for a US-based audience you should choose a .us extension and the same way for a Canada-based Audience you can choose a .ca extension.
  • Avoid domain names with hyphens and special characters because your audiences will find it difficult to spell and remember.
  • Avoid words that are difficult to spell and hard to remember.

3. Get High Speed & Reliable Hosting

Absolutely there is no doubt, you can start your Blog on Free Platforms; such as or any other. But I’ll recommend that you should avoid free hosting, because in free hosting you do not own the site. You are given a subdomain, which will look like “”. This will leave an unprofessional impression on your Visitors.

I started my two Blogs on Free Platform and did hard work. Even I started to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program, but they Deleted one of my Two Blogs. That time I moved to WordPress and started my Niche Website

? If you don’t have time to go through all that’s available out there in the market nowadays, simply sign up with SiteGround, because I’ll recommend to choose Paid, but Reliable hosting, which I’m using for last five years for my Three Blogs.

I believe in this Host SiteGround hosting. A good idea is to buy hosting space from the safe and reliable hosting service provider having quality customer care.

SiteGround is very affordable (from $3.95 / month), and deliver all the features you might require. There’s also an easy to use administration panel for your server – you don’t need to have any experience working with websites or servers in order to be able to use it.

4. Set up WordPress+Theme and Plugins

Installing WordPress may only take a couple of clicks, and if you’ve chosen a company like Bluehost, then you’ll actually get a working WordPress install right out the box – no need to set things up manually.

With that done, you’ll need to pick out the perfect WordPress theme. Fashion is even more about the images than most media. You need to showcase cool new looks in a prominent, unique way.

I use only some basic Plugins, which are not only free to use, but also they have good Customer Reviews. They are must for every WordPress site.➡ Read This Article

Use Beautiful Images of your Fashion Blog

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5. Share Blog Posts on Social Media

Every blog can benefit from some marketing on social media, fashion blogs, with their image-heavy posts

6. Monetize your blog

There are many ways to Monetize your Blog and one of them is Affiliate Marketing; such as any host that has Affiliate Program. For example ?here this is the Affiliate Link of SiteGround hosting Company.

How to start Fashion Blog with Site Ground

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