We went to 260 Scenic Caves Rd, Blue Mountains, ON on November 1, 2020 from Brampton, Ontario. It was very cold early in the morning, so we started from home around 1 pm and at this time it was sun started to show its brightness and due to sunny weather, now there was not that much cold like in the morning.

From our home, it took little over than 2 hours to reach there and we enjoyed a lot in the way. We went by our own Car. When we reached there, we bought the ticket and it was $90 for three people.

This spot has been open to visitors since 1932 and the centre offers the Self-Guided Caves trail, Treetop Canopy Walking plus two zip-lines, Scenic Suspension Bridge, Thunderbird Twin-Zip Ride, Nature Trails, Eco-Adventure Tours, Mini Golf, Gemstone Mining, a kids train ride called Rocky the Train which departs from Big Rock Railroad, Fish pond and plenty of scenic spots to sit and enjoy nature. The centre also has a snack bar and gift shop.

Gift Shop was open and bought one cap for $22 for my son with the logo of Scenic Caves on it, which is really beautiful and my son really like it. But the snack bar was close.

There were not so much crowd, but still there we could see approximately around 100 people and most of them were young with their kids. Kids were not toddlers, but the age of around 6-12, who can walk, because to see caves, there was steep hill.

First of all, we went to see Suspension Bridge and we had some family pictures over there and also I made Video. To watch video, Check my Instagram Account.

This bridge is so beautiful and while walking over it, you can see beautiful views from that height. Due to windy conditions, the bridge was little shaking. We really enjoyed walking on it. Then we went to see the Cave from the jungle, but there was another way to go to the destination.

To see cave, you have to walk up steep cliff for about 15 minutes. To see the cave you’ve to go from very narrow way, which was very hard to go and you have to walk very carefully and your shoes should be good, means no slippers and no ordinary shoes. You need shoes, which have good grip to walk from that narrow path. But we make a video, so please check it on facebook, you’ll amaze to see how beautiful this natural cave is.

After seeing the cave, we ate our food, which we took from our home. We enjoyed eating Spaghetti with tons of vegetables, fruits-apples, oranges and bananas. We also took our drinking water and also water in one container to wash our hands.

Then coming back to our home, we saw lake, but here I did not came out to see the lake, only my husband and son have seen by spending 15 minutes, because we were late and at the same time, I was tired and feeling cold.

We reached at home around 8 pm and were so tired. Nobody’s was hungry, because the food we took from home, we ate around 5 pm and on the way to come back to our home, we took tim hortons Masala Chai and donuts. So we were not hungry at all. Then we enjoyed watching Tv and enjoyed our weekend a lot.

Next day, I slept two hours extra due to the trip and then started to feel fresh with the extra rest and fresh from the mind for this good change, because we all need some change from our daily chores. Am I right? Yes, I’m, because we feel bore by doing the same work each day, but when we do something different, especially, we go with our family or friends to see Natural scenes, then our mind become so fresh, which give us more energy to do more hard work for our daily routine.

I hope this article will give you little motivation to go to see natural scenes, near or far, makes not a big difference. Even I like nearby.

One of Canada’s Great Natural Wonders, Scenic Caves is located west of Collingwood, in s spectacular setting above Georgian Bay at the highest part of the Niagara Escarpment in the Town of the Blue Mountains.

My husband and my younger son standing at suspension Bridge

Scenic Caves Hiking Centre offer safe opportunities for you and your family to connect with the natural world in a one of a kind environment.

Find yourself in nature by experiencing unique adventures year-round at Scenic Caves. You can explore here new heights from the longest Suspension Bridge in Southern Ontario, or take in Hiking Trail Centre offering 15 kilometers of trails meandering through 370 unspoiled acres of natural beauty.

You can also experience the unique views of the 200 year old forest, with well-marked trails offering gentle rolling slopes to steep climbs, and gorgeous views!

Beautiful Suspension Bridge

At 420 feet long, this suspension footbridge is southern Ontario’s longest and provides the best views of Georgian Bay and beyond. The suspension bridge is accessible via walking trails, which gives you great walking experience.

Being suspended 82 feet above the forest floor provides the illusion of floating among the old growth forest.

360 degree views surround the suspension bridge and with a chain link fence running its length, no view is obstructed.

Immerse yourself in nature, test your taste for heights and marvel at the beauty that surrounds you from our suspension bridge.

Access to the Suspension Bridge comes included with your general park admission rate and is available during regular hours of operation. Please note that our last park admission is sold 2 hours prior to closing.

You Should Know Before you Go

  • Hiking or running shoes are mandatory for admission in warm weather seasons.
  • Pets are not allowed
  • It’s safe! The iconic bridge arch is supported by two steel towers, attached by anchors, embedded in foundations, with chain cables attached to the deck planks and tension bottom cables below. The bridge is flexible and will move slightly with wind and visitors.
  • Self-guided walks to the bridge and back require approximately 45 minutes.
  • Strollers are not permitted on the trails but carriers can be used.

Hiking Trails and Lookouts

Niagara Escarpment hiking centre has 15 kms of trails meandering through 370 unspoiled acres of natural beauty. These incredible places, that we usually reserve for winter adventures, will allow space for everyone to safely distance as well as provide unique and new views of beautiful 200 year old forest.

Well-marked trails offer something for everyone.  Choose the length of trails that suit your abilities. Easy, Moderate and Advanced all trails are marked by signs, designating their degree of difficulty and distance. Travel along our terrain, featuring gentle rolling slope

Gemstone Mining


A great educational activity, suitable for school groups or the whole family, you’ll discover rich geological natural assets, the same way the early miners did.

From quartz crystal to gold ore to amethyst to fossils, every explorer will leave with a collection of souvenirs.

The experience starts with a gem bag of sand that will reveal hidden treasures through panning at the water trough.

So finally, I would like to say this only that, it was my first visit to the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. I don’t know how I missed this great spot, living here in Brampton, Canada for last 18 years.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures family Trip