What is Sattu?

Anything roasted and ground into a fine powder is called sattu.

Sattu is a type of flour, mainly used in Nepal, India and Pakistan. It consists of a mixture of ground pulses and cereals. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes. Various varieties of sattu are prepared in both countries: during Bathukamma in Telangana, and as a refreshing drink among farmers during summers in Pakistan.

Sattu is an essential part of vegetarian cuisine as it can be an important source of protein. Sattu is being recognised as a superfood now by lifestyle and wellness gurus.


Satu is a well known flour that can be consumed in many ways. I use it to make Satu Paratha, which is not only tasty, but also easy to make and especially it is really healthy and you’ll get so much energy from this Satu breakfast.

My all family members love Satu Paratha with Plain home made Organic Yogurt and in the morning we, take Pickle or Green Chutney with it. Even after eating two Satu parathas, I don’t feel heavy, which I used to feel with wheat parathas.

Satu Paratha is served with Plain Organic Yogurt & Pickle
Satu Paratha is served with Plain Organic Yogurt & Pickle

Serving 6 People and 2 parathas for each person, because they are little big than simple plain chapati

  •  4 big spoons of Satu flour
  • 4 Big spoons of whole wheat flour
  • 1 small medium size onion very finely chopped
  • Fresh coriander leaves finely chopped
  • Spoon of cumin seeds
  • 1/2 spoon of Turmeric Powder
  • Pink Salt
  • Soaked One big spoon Chia Seeds
  • Ajwain(Carom Seeds)
  • Oregano Leaves one spoon
  • Water to make the dough

Process to Make Dough

Add all the above ingredients and mix well. Add water little by little to make the dough. Then keep the dough in the fridge and when you want to me the Parathas, then take out and start making.

Satu Halwa Recipe

  • Heat 2 tbsp. of Desi Ghee in a Sauce pan
  • Add 1 small bowl of Satu and sauté till it turns slightly golden brown.
  • Add 2 bowls of water and 1/2 bowl of jaggery and stir till it looks like a dough.
  • Finally add dry fruits of your choice and mix it well and switch off the flame.
  • Serve hot and enjoy it with your family

Health Benefits of Satu

In my opinion, Sattu is a great food to eat in daily diet to get its numerous health benefits.

  • Good for Digestion & Appetite: Satu is high in iron and fiber, which reduces stomach ailments and improves digestion and bowel movement. It also helps to lose weight by improving metabolism, and the magnesium and potassium in Satu, help in improving appetite
  • Natural Summer Cooler: Drink made out of Satu is a great drink to quench your thirst during hot summer days like in India. It prevents the body from overheating and brings down the body temperature significantly
  • Tasty & Healthy: When we Make Satu paratha with vegetables, it is very tasty and healthy
Sattu ka Paratha Recipe

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