Mustard Greens(Sarson) Dough Recipe

Mustard Greens(Sarson) Dough Recipe

Mustard greens are also known as Sarson. Sarson saag is very popular in Punjabi families and being a Punjabi, even I live here in Canada, still l love sarson ka saag.

I grow mustard greens in my backyard every year and they are very easy to grow even they become ready more fast than any other vegetable.

Mustard leaves used in this Recipe, I picked from my Backyard Garden. They are very fresh and soft, because I don’t use any chemical spray on my home grown vegetables.

Mustard greens are a great winter crop because while other crops begin to suffer as the temperature drops, they are still okay in the cold weather.

Mustards have a subtle but distinct horseradish-mustard flavor. Use them fresh in a salad or on a sandwich, Missi roti, sabji with aloo(potato) and the most delicious is sarson ka saag with makki ki roti.

I was born in Pind (Village) where my mother used to make Sarson ka saag and Makki ki Roti on Chula(clay stove and cook on it in Clay Pot) It used to by so so tasty.

Raw mustard greens has spicy flavor. Some people even enjoy using them in smoothies and green juices also.

Mustard greens are what we consider a ‘cut and they come back again’ crop.  Most plantings should provide 2-4 cuttings! 

I love missi roti and I always make from different kind of greens, so this time I used mustard greens. True be honest, it was so delicious and yummy, but you’ll taste only when you’ll make yourself.

We must add sarson in our diet and if you think making the saag from mustard leaves is tough for you, then easy way to add in diet is through making Missi roti with it.

This recipe is so easy, just follow the instructions and you’ll definitely can make it and your family will not only enjoy it, but also will get so many healthy health benefits.

Mustard greens are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Mustard greens contain a range of powerful phytonutrients.

These plant-based antioxidants protect your cells from stress and damage caused by the free radicals our bodies accumulate from aging, the environment, and lifestyle behaviors.

Mustard greens are low in calories, yet high in fiber and many essential vitamins and minerals. In particular, they’re an excellent source of vitamins C and K.

Mustard oil can be used for cooking. I used it for skin. If you feel itchy in anywhere on your body and when you massage mustard oil, right away you will feel relax. Being a lady, when ever I feel irritation in my vagina, I massage mustard oil, it gives comfort in couple of minutes, which is my own experience.

Ingredients to Make Mustard greens Dough

  • One big bunch of Mustard greens washed and chopped
  • Two Parts of Whole wheat flour
  • One part of Makki ka Atta(Corn flour)
  • One pinch of Ajwain(Carom seeds)
  • One spoon of oregano leaves
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Water as needed to make dough

Making the Dough

  • I picked sason greens from my backyard garden, so they were very fresh and small in size. Means I don’t have to use only leaves. I used whole. If you buy from the market, then you can use stems for the Saag and just use top leaves for dough
  • In Parat or big bowl, put your whole wheat flour and makki ka atta.
  • Add some ajwain, oregano leaves and turmeric powder
  • Add chopped mustard leaves
  • Mix everything together with your hands
  • Now start adding little by little water and make the dough.
  • You can keep your dough in fridge and then take out and make Missi Roti of it.

Making the Mustard Greens Missi Roti

  • Make the ball of dough, dust it with wheat flour on both sides.
  • Roll the dough ball into a round flat Roti with Velan. In between you can dust with flour if needed.
  • Now start to roast your missi roti on Iron Tawa.
  • Cook on both sides till golden spots are seen. You can use Kitchen towel to press nicely.
  • Take the cooked Roti, apply ghee on one side. 
  • Serve Missi Roti with Plain Yogurt, Makhni or any kind of Pickle and even Sabji.

Mustard Greens Dough & Missi Roti Recipe
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