No Tadka Rajma Recipe in Pressure Cooker

Rajma kidney beans curry is so easy to make and it is good to make in Pressure Cooker. Raw Kidney Beans should be soaked overnight or at least couple of hours to prepare this Rajma Soup.

When we soak Rajma, it help to cook fast and also Soaking makes the Rajma more digestible.

Wash properly and Soak the rajma in plenty of water, which also helps to make their size bigger, so that’s why they cook faster and more tasty.

Soaking Rajma kidney beans removes some of the enzymes and sugars that causes intestinal upset.

I never add Baking soda while boiling the rajma, because when we soak them for good amount of time, then there is no need to use anything else to cook them; such as baking soda.

Rajma Chawal (Red Beans with Rice) are favorite of my both sons. They love Rajma.

Rajma Masala- kidney beans curry with onion, tomatoes and spices! This is one of the most popular North Indian curries, best enjoyed with rice. Rajma Kidney Beans Soup is one of the most popular curries made in North India.

I never use canned beans, which are bad for health. I always buy and use fresh Dals(lentils)

Method to Make Rajma without Tadka

Rajma Served with Missi Roti and Salad

In my family, my both sons like Rajma a lot and on the second number they like Kabuli Chana(Sholay) and third number they like Kala chana Soup and all Dals; such as-Moong Dal, Masoor Dal etc.

  • Soak Rajma beans overnight after washing them nicely in good amount of water.
  • In the next morning, drain the water in which Rajma Beans were soaked and wash again in running water
  • Switch on the stove and when the Pressure cooker becomes hot, then add one spoon of Jeera(cumin seeds) on high heat to roast Jeera. When you hear the sound of cracking, means the Jeera is roasted
  • Now add Soaked and washed Rajma and right away add enough water and stir
  • Now add turmeric powder, Black pepper, Oregano leaves and stir
  • Close the lid and give some whistles and then reduce the heat to simmer and cook around 30 minutes
  • When the steam is released then add the puree of 2 tomatoes, one onion, ginger and cloves
  • Again stir and close the lid and give two whistles
  • When the steam is released, then open the lid and put lots of chopped greens; such as fresh coriander, chickpea leaves, green onion chives or even methi leaves
  • Serve hot with Plain Roti, Missi Roti, or Rice.
Rajma Kidney Bean Curry Recipe

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