History of Rice in India

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As we all know that India is an important center of Rice cultivation. 

My father was a farmer and he  used to have 20 acre land in a Village near Patiala, Punjab, where he used to  grow big crops of Basmati Rice, which were the best rice ever I have seen and ate in my life.

The smell of those  rice was so good that anybody can eat those rice.

Even after my marriage, I used to bring Basmati Rice from my parents home. So I mean, not only my father was growing rice, but the rice harvesting area in India, is the world’s largest and the Indian Rice are best.

Basmati Rice is a variety of long grain rice with a fine texture, which is the World’s best rice that one can use for Cooking and I love basmati rice.

Basmati Rice have been grown in the foothills of the Himalayas for Centuries.

According to Wikipedia

Basmati is a variety of long grain rice, which is traditionally from South Asia.

Production and Cultivation of Basmati Rice

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In India the areas of Basmati Rice production are- the states of Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

In Pakistan, 95% of the Basmati Rice cultivation takes place in the province of Punjab.

I think most of us know about Rice, because they are very popular food all around the world.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Rice is very popular food all over the World. Even in some parts of the World, their main food is Rice only.

There are so many varieties of rice and they are available throughout  the year.

But Brown rice has so many health benefits, because many people consider Brown Rice as a healthy food.

Actually Brown Rice are more healthier than white rice. The difference between white rice and brown rice is this only that white rice is milled and brown rice is allowed to retain its various nutritious layers, because in brown rice, the outermost hull is only removed.

  • Brown Rice Helps  To Lose Weight: Brown Rice is a low-energy-density food, means they are low in calories. So women, who eat higher energy density diet gained three times as much weight over couple of years, than those women who eat  a low energy density diet. As we know that brown rice has fiber content, which keeps bowel function at its peak, because it makes digestion much-much easier. We can add brown rice in our daily diet, especially for those who are seeking bowel regularity.
  • Whole Grain: Brown rice considered a whole grain, because they didn’t lost their ‘wholeness’ through the refinement process, which white rice has to go through.
  • Keep Bones Healthy:  They are a great source of magnesium, and magnesium is a key Nutrient, which is required to build bones and deficiency has been associated the low bone density and osteoporosis later in life. One cup of brown rice contains almost 21% of magnesium for your daily requirement.
  • It Helps to Lower Cholesterol: There is Oil in Brown Rice, which has been shown to lower levels of LDL cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) up to 7%. At the same time Brown Rice (diet in whole Grains) can increase the level of HDL cholesterol (Good Cholesterol).

How to Select and Store Your Rice?

It is very important for all of us to choose healthy food for us, because according to saying goes, ” You are what you eat”, it means that to remain fit and healthy you need to eat good and healthy food.

So long grain rice is the best rice to choose for your family, because when you cook them, they are fluffy and separate easily. Brown rice is the whole grain, because the only outer husk removed. They are more perishable than white  rice and you can keep them up to six months.

So finally at the end of this article, I would like to say this only that Brown Rice is a source of several beneficial Nutrients. Such as fiber, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6. So Brown Rice is a healthy fiber and vitamin rich with a lot of health benefits.

If we add this healthy diet in our daily diet, then we can get many health Benefits.

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Benefits of Brown Rice for Skin

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Matar Pulao Recipe

In this Recipe Video, you’ll learn to cook Green Peas Pulao in Instant Pot. These kind of pulao you can eat in breakfast, lunch and also in dinner.

Not only this, you can give Peas Pulao to you Kids in their lunch box and take for your office. These Rice can be eater as it is with Pickle, Chutney and also with any kind of Sabji. You can also eat them with Plain Yogurt.

5 Minutes Leftover Rice Cutlet 

In this small Video, you can learn to make delicious snacks made from leftover cooked rice or even from fresh made Rice.

Ingredients We need are:

  • One Bowl leftover or fresh cooked Veg rice
  • Oil to fry
  • One Green chopped Chili
  • One small onion, chopped
  • Some beans, Chopped
  • Fresh Coriander leaves
  • Little bit Besan
  • Spices to taste
  • Tomato ketchup and Green Chutney to serve
Health Benefits of Brown Rice

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