Nowadays Making some extra side hustle cash is not complicated at all, because now Internet is very popular and if you’re hard worker and is able to teach something, then you can make from home some hundreds to even thousands of Dollars Monthly. Today in this article, I’ll talk about making extra money and how to make extra money?

Working from home can give you the perfect mix of freedom and flexibility, while still allowing you to earn enough money to pay the bills.

I believe that we all need money to fulfill our dreams and not only this, we need money to do so many Basic things; such as-Buying or Renting a home, go to School, Go to Gym etc.

When a person learned to make extra money, and making extra income can change a person’s life in so many positive ways; such as financial freedom, able to go to travelling and can spend more time with the family etc.

There are so many real ways to earn additional income; such as- working from Home at your own convenience. Not only in Canada & United States, but also in any country, you can make extra income.

You need Computer, Internet, Mouse & one desk to work and make money from home.

Yes, you’ve to work hard to Make Money Online like any other Job. The online economy is huge and mostly, the investment required to start making money online is very minimal.

Earning Extra Money can help you in so many ways in your lives, which are given below:-

  • You can Earn Extra Income to Save for retirement
  • You can earn extra to Pay off your debt
  • You can start working from Home and gradually, when they see that they are generating good amount of money, then they make it a Business and become your their own boss
  • When you diversify your income sources, it helps to improve the quality of your life
  • When you have extra money, you can invest to Buy any other property and sell, when the Resale price is more and you can make a lot of profit from it
  • Save for your kid’s future college education
  • You can earn extra money for your Kids Graduation or for marriage.

When it comes to Online Business, there are literally Unlimited ways and ideas to start with and make money from home. Yes, everybody cannot do every business, so choose, which suits more to your skills and interests.

You might be thinking, everything seems good, but how to start working at home?

 If you’re dreaming of making money online, don’t worry, you’ll find all answers here. So keep reading until the end.

There are plenty of smart way to work from Home, which are written below. So now it is the time to take action and start to do something, which can generate money for you. But start after proper Researching and taking the time. It is never too late.

1️⃣-Start a Niche Website to Earn Extra Money

If you are really interested in building a niche website, then you’re on the right place, where you’ll learn ‘how to start a Niche website? and make extra Money with it.

In 2015, I started my Ease Bedding Dot Com with WordPress, when I knows nothing about WordPress. I was reading others Blog posts and used to write almost everyday one article. Slowly-2 my site started to establish and within 6 months, I started to Make $500-$600, which was very Cool, Right?

However, after seeing the progress of Ease Bedding Dot Com, I launched this site at the name of Recipes with More Dot Com. I hope this site will also continue to grow over the coming years and Make good amount of Money.

Complete Guide:> Free vs Paid Platform to start a Blog

Still there is so much potential to make good amount of money with niche websites, and I’m going to show you how?

How much Money can you Make with Niche Website?

The answer is depending on your hard work and skills to write Content in your articles. But you can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month & even much more than this with niche websites. For example, I’m making from $500- $700 and sometimes more or less.

So creating a niche website can be your one of the best decisions, you ever make.

Niche websites are actually so easy to start, because they don’t cost a lot of money to start, but have a lot of the potential to Make a lot of Money in the long run.

When your website starts getting some traffic, you can monetize it with affiliate Marketing; such as Amazon Affiliate, SiteGround, Bluehost etc. You can also use Banners and monetize with Google AdSense.

A successful niche website helps your Readers to find Solutions to their Problems. Means you’ve to provide quality content and quantity at the same time. Your website can be as large as you want it to be.  It might only have 100 articles or it might have thousands of articles. 

How to Start a Niche Website?

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Creating a Niche website, in a specific niche targeting, a group of keywords & put in SEO efforts to rank well for those keywords in search engines and Get free Traffic can make a website establish and earn money with it. You need to do proper keyword research to find a good money making niche website.

One of the keys to Success with your niche website is keyword Research. So take your time and find good keyword for your Domain.

If you want to get really Good amount of traffic to your site, you should target more long tail keywords

You’ll surprise to know that there are more Long Tail Searches than Short Tail Searches.

Such as;1️⃣-benefits of quitting tea is the search for my article->My personal morning tea quitting story.

Second example of long tail keyword is –benefits of fruit salad, which is the search for my article->Health benefits of eating fruit Salad.

Create a domain

So Buy a Domain that is short and memorable if possible. It should be Easy to spell and and also Get a .Com if possible. Good Examples to choose a Domain is:, which is so easy to remember and to spell. It is my first niche site and I was lucky that got good domai five years ago.

Choose Hosting & Pick a Theme

There are hundreds of companies, which can host your website and many of them are less than $10/month. I will recommend to choose SiteGround . It is One of the companies that I have used for a long time and still using for my both Websites.

Once you have made decision about the domain name, it’s time to purchase hosting to host your Niche website. If you haven’t purchased web hosting for your niche website till now, SiteGround has great options for you to choose.

In the beginning of launching your Website, you can choose free WordPress Theme and to same theme, if there is option to make it pro, you can convert it to Pro later, when your site starts to get more traffic.

Start Publishing articles

Now you can start writing Posts/Pages and while writing articles, choose Great Titles. A great title gets more clicks and more shares. When you build internal links, you can link liberally to articles in the same category.

How to Get Traffic for your Site?

There are tons of Ways to bring traffic to your site and most popular is Organic Traffic; such as Google, Bing etc. You can also use Social media to bring traffic; such as Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the highest traffic websites in the world and the best part for niche website owners is that it can send a lot of traffic. My both sites, especially, gets good amount of traffic from Pinterest.

So Make a Pinterest Account and save your pins into it.

How to Monetize your Website?

Now it is the time, when you will Plan to Monetize your Website to Make Money.

For one of my niche sites,, I make money from the Amazon Associates program and use affiliate links in my all articles and Google Adsense.

Also for my this Niche, I make Money with Amazon Associates Program and Google adsense.

However, there are actually many different ways, which can help you to make money with your Niche Site, depends on the traffic of the site.

2️⃣-Sell Products Online through Shopify

You can sell products online to a worldwide Market. It is very easy to set up an online shop through Shopify in just a few minutes hours.

Shopify has everything you need to get an e-commerce store up and running in no time.

The products you sell online, do not have to be made by you, so it is very easy to start and make money with it.

You can set up your shop with virtual products. Basically, you hold no inventory, Customer service, shipping, returns, etc. Everything is managed by the manufacturer.

One platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are & that is Shopify.

3️⃣-Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing?? Then Read this Full Article.

Affiliate marketing is all about generating tons of profits without any effort.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing practice, which gains affiliates a commission, when Affiliates Recommend Products and then buyers buy that Product through their Affiliate Links.

It is one of the best ways of marketing as you don’t need to create your own Product.

Even you don’t have much traffic on your Website, still the Sales can happen, because a buyer come to your site to buy something.

Nowadays, there are many companies that offer an affiliate program. So by Signing Up with any company according to your Niche, you will get your unique tracking link, if your application approved. Such as Amazon Associate Program.

Now start writing quality Content in your artcles and recommend Products to your Viewers through Affiliate Links. When your Audience will buy these products through your links, you will get Commission.

Here is the example of my own two Niche Websites. One of them is and the Second one is this

Complete Guide:> Easy work home Business affiliate Program

4️⃣-Sell Services on Fiverr

Fiverr connects Businesses with freelancers by offering digital services in 300+ Categories. So Start an Online business and work from home in your Convenience.

Find the best work from home jobs services, which you can offer and start working from home.

Fiverr has grown significantly and you can sell any service of your choice.

When you have a skill, people are willing to pay for it, so there are many reputed online sites available such as- Fiverr and Upwork. There are Thousands of people looking to pay for services such as article writing, data entry, logo maker, Site Design and so much more.

5️⃣-Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is growing really good nowadays due to New Techonology. These Jobs allow you to apply for math tutoring jobs, online elementary tutoring jobs, teaching English as a second language.

Websites like Skooli, Tutor Me and provide resources for to teach tutoring. There are many more sites available to work with; such as- Upwork, Freelancer and some more.

So if you’ve degree or specific knowledge on any Subject, then there is good opportunity to work from Home and make decent amount of money.

In these kind of jobs you’re not only helping to others, but also you can work from home and spend more time with your family.

For example:- You can apply for VIPKID, which is a leading Chinese online education firm that offers an American elementary education experience to Chinese Students aged 4-12.

 Before applying their positions, you need to be eligible to work in the US or Canada. Read all the information carefully before applying for a position.

Magic Ears is almost similar to VIPKID and is one of the higher paying companies, which are hiring teachers to teach English to Chinese Children.

To apply in this company, you need bachelor’s degree (in any subject) and teaching experience outside the classroom with children like mentoring, children’s church, etc. and from the U.S. or Canada. 

6️⃣- Start a Virtual Assistant Business.

Being a virtual assistant is one of the easiest businesses to get off the ground. Not only this, you can also schedule your work to fit your lifestyle. It is very profitable, because the earning potential is from $15 to $50 hourly and people are earning a lot of money with this particular business only.

7️⃣-Create an Online Course

Nowadays, people don’t have time to teach even their Kids some basic things; such as-how to pack your school bag and how to tie your shoe laces etc.

Adults, even Kids, all are so comfortable to learn more quickly through Videos, which is the main reason, that YouTube is becoming more and more popular.

People go online for a lot of Reasons; such as-learn cooking, learn language, learn music and so much more. This is the great opportunity that you can get paid for your knowledge. For example- some people have done this by Creating a Blog(My first Blog) and earn with Affiliate Marketing and so many other ways.

Same way, Creating a Course is another method of making money with, what you know. According to Global Industry Analysts, Online learning is expected to reach more than $240 billion by 2021.

Several new online course platforms are available to make setting up and selling your Course easier than ever before.

Creating and selling online courses can offer you a good opportunity working from home.

Creating an Online Course in the beginning is very time consuming, but in the long run, you’ll sell it over and over, because your Course is Online, so you can get Students from all over the World.

Complete Guide -> Working from Home

8️⃣-Take part in surveys to work from Home

When I started Online around 7-8 years ago, I used to answer Surveys. Then slowly, I learned Affiliate Marketing and moved to this only.

In this Simply, you have to answer online surveys or product tests and make money from home.

For example-Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, OneOpinion, American Consumer Opinion and many more are popular Sites, where you can Register and start making money slowly.

You not only earn some extra cash with the listed above sites, but also get rewarded through gift vouchers, prize drawings, free products, etc. All of these sites are free to sign up and use.

Note: Never pay to join any survey sites.

Make Extra Income from Home