Cha Wu-[B] Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Loose Leaf,3.5oz/100g,No Smoky Taste,WuYi HongCha,Chinese KungFu Red Tea

What is Lapsang Souchong tea good for?

This smokey black tea in not only delicious to drink but it has a lot of its own benefits.

Taylors of Harrogate Lapsang Souchong, 50 Teabags
  • Our Lapsang Souchong tea is created in the mountains of China, where the leaves are dried on bamboo over smoking pine wood fires. It’s one of the oldest tea-making methods in the world, and it gives the leaves a uniquely deep, rich, smoky flavour.
  • Dark, smoky blend can be served with or without milk
  • Tea is “smoked” over wood fires for rich flavor
About the tea

Twinings of London Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)
  • FRESH FLAVOR: Six boxes of 20 Lapsang Souchong tea bags. Dare to try one of the world’s oldest and most distinctive black teas. Tastes uniquely smoky and woody. Steep for three minutes for the perfect cup of lapsang souchong tea.
  • ONLY THE FINEST QUALITY: Our expert blenders source only the finest leaves cultivated to our exacting standards by trusted growers around the world. From these tea gardens we hand-select the leaves that will shape your next Twinings moment.
  • LAPSANG SOUCHONG TEA: Lapsang Souchong is one of the world’s oldest and most distinctive black teas. The finished tea leaves are thick and black and when steeped in hot water, produce a rich tea with a unique smoky taste.
  • HAND SELECTED FOR YOUR HOME: Made without artificial ingredients, Twinings natural teas provide a wholesome tea experience. If you enjoy Bigelow Tea, Lipton Tea, Harney & Sons Tea, Davidson’s Tea, or Prince of Peace Tea – try Twinings of London Tea.

Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Black Tea, Lapsang Souchong, 3 Ounce
  • An ancient and much loved tea from China, large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires
  • Develops a distinctive smoky flavor so give it a try when you want a change of pace
  • Medium-full bodied tea with a heady aroma of pine and hardwood smoke, fruit, and spice
  • Steep for 4-5 minutes in boiling water before drinking
  • allergen information: gluten_free
Stash Tea Lapsang Souchong Black Loose Leaf Tea 16 Ounce Pouch Loose Leaf Premium Black Tea for Use with Tea Infusers Tea Strainers or Teapots, Drink Hot or Iced, Sweetened or Plain
  • BOLD SMOKY TEA: From the Fujian province of China comes this distinctive, assertive tea with its exotic smoky flavor. The finished tea leaves produce a bold, reddish-orange cup of tea when steeped in hot water. Enjoy hot or iced, with honey or unadorned.
  • LOOSE LEAF TEA: Stash Tea Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is available as a 16oz. bag of loose leaf tea that’s perfect for brewing with a strainer, an infuser, even a French press! Enjoy our tea hot or iced, or use it to infuse sauces, syrups and baked goods!
  • PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEA: All our teas, Herbal, Black, Green, White or Oolong, are of the highest quality. For delicious flavor in every steep, our loose leaf teas are packaged in resealable bags to keep them fresh, from morning chai to bedtime chamomile.
  • THE STASH TEA COMPANY was founded in 1972, supplying loose herbal teas & bulk herbs to natural food stores. In 1975, we added bagged teas & began to sell a full line of traditional & herbal teas. Try our Chamomile, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Green Tea, & more
  • TEA OF INCOMPARABLE QUALITY: Compare our quality teas to competitors–Numi, Choice, Yogi, Bigelow, Harney & Sons, Celestial Seasonings, Davidsons, The Republic of Tea, Teavana, Kusmi, Traditional Medicinals, Tazo, Rishi, Twinings, Mighty Leaf, Good Earth.
Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea (12 ounces), Traditional Chinese Pine-Smoked Black Tea Leaves Makes 130+ Cups of Tea
Steeping Instructions
Just follow these directions for the perfect cup of Solstice Tea!
Use a 1tsp (or more, depending on your taste) of Gunpowder Green tea per 6oz. Serving
Bring water to boil
Pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes or to taste
If desired, add sweetener while tea is still hot
VAHDAM, Smoky Assam Souchong Black Tea (50 Cups) | UNIQUE SMOKY FLAVOURY Assam Tea | RICH & MALTY Black Tea Loose Leaf | Smoky & Delicious Black Tea
  • MANUFACTURED ON ORDER FOR VAHDAM TEAS – A unique and rare tea, crafted especially for Vahdam Teas on the lines of the Chinese Lapsang Souchong Tea. It is an impeccably smoky tea. Its long, loosely-rolled leaves are selected from the upper elevation estates of Assam which provide that elusive burst of delectable Oakwood smokiness at the outset. Vadham
  • TO BE SERVED WITHOUT MILK – Assam Tea Loose Leaf, Best Served without Milk. A fine and delicious smoky tea which is best enjoyed as a plain black tea.
  • A BRAND WITH A BILLION DREAMS – Established in India by a 26-year-old, 4th generation Tea entrepreneur, Vahdam Teas is an award-winning, vertically integrated tea brand that door delivers the world’s freshest tea leaves to over 83 countries, sourced directly from India’s choicest tea gardens. The tea industry is one of the largest employers of manual labor in India. A successful home-grown brand helps empower millions of these tea workers in the long run.
Taylors of Harrogate Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf, 4.41 Ounce Carton
  • Our Lapsang Souchong tea is created in the mountains of China, where the leaves are dried on bamboo over smoking pine wood fires. It’s one of the oldest tea-making methods in the world, and it gives the leaves a uniquely deep, rich, smoky flavour.
  • Dark, smoky blend can be served with or without milk
  • Tea is “smoked” over wood fires for rich flavor

Hu-Kwa Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (4oz Loose Leaf Tin)
  • This long leaf tea from the island of Formosa has long been a tea connoisseur’s favorite.
  • Hu-Kwa gains its distinctive flavor and smoky tang from the pine fires over which it is dried.
  • Distinctive with its smoky flavor and aroma, it produces a deep red liquor and mellow cup when brewed.
  • Hu-Kwa tea is recognized around the world as the benchmark for Formosan Lapsang Souchong tea.
Davidson's Tea Bag, Lapsang Souchong Black, 16 Ounce

Flavor Name: Lapsang Souchong Black

Lapsang Souchong is a Chinese black tea that creates a campfire aroma and brews coppery in the cup. Davidson’s Lapsang Souchong is a robust, smoky black tea with a pine-like finish.

Teavivre Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea Loose Leaf Chinese Tea (3.5oz / 100g)
  • Origin: Tong Mu Guan, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, China
  • USDA and EU Organic Certified
  • With notes of pine smoky flavor, it tastes soft, mellow with sweet aftertaste, leaving a very pleasant fragrant smell lingering in mouth and throat.
  • Package: inside sealed bag with Zip resealed package
  • A distinctive black tea with well-balanced aroma of pine smoky flavor that is most suitable for tea lovers who prefer strong-tasting tea.

Lapsang Souchong - Premium Grade - Black Tea - Smoked Tea - Loose Tea - 2oz
  • Caffeinated Tea
  • High Quality – Clean – Fresh – Tasty – Smoked
  • Clear Notes of Smoke with a Smooth Finish
  • Ingredient – Lapsang Souchong Black Tea – Smoked
  • 2 oz tea makes approx. 60 cups of 8oz of Water
Davidson's Tea Bag, Lapsang Souchong Black, 100 Count
  • Flavor Name: Lapsang Souchong Black
  • Enjoy what is one of the most unique teas in the world with Davidson’s Lapsang Souchong Black. This black tea from China is famous for its smoky aroma and flavor.
  • The flavor comes from the drying process which has the tea leaves roasting above a pine fire.
  • This process gives this unique tea its smoky yet refreshing flavor with hints of pine, fruit and spice.
  • Brewing this tea gives off what people call a “campfire” aroma and brews a golden coppery color in the cup.
  • Try this strong flavored tea straight or with sugar, milk, or lemon.
The First Sip of Tea Organic Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Black Tea, 8 ounce
  • A uniquely smoky and robust Chinese black tea. Try hot with milk.
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Makes 80-100 Servings Per Package
  • Contains Caffeine
  • Packaged in Airtight Resealable Bags for Maximum Freshness
Metropolitan Tea Discovery Loose Tea Pack, Lapsang Souchong China Black, 100gm
  • Discovery Loose Tea Packs contains enough tea to make 35 to 50 cups per pack and are available in 64 types
  • Packed in a nitrogen Flushed bag that is constructed with a resealable zip lock top
  • Nitrogen keeps the tea fresh for up to 8 years in an unopened pack
  • Small batch packed in a HACCP facility in Canada
  • Luxury Loose Leaf Tea
Luxtea Chinese Top10 Famous Tea–Black Teas–Lapsang Souchong Tea -Grade AA (High Grade)
  • Lapsang Souchong, one of China Top Four Famous Black Teas
  • Grade: AA (High Grade)
  • Storage: Cool, Shady and Dry environment.
  • Net Weight: 120 gram/4.23oz; Expiration date: 540 days; 100% Organic Nature
  • According to your preferences, sugar, milk, honey, lemon and/or chrysanthemum can be added to make various flavored teas.
GANOHERB USDA Organic Reishi Mushroom Black Tea Bags (Lapsang Souchong) - Instant Herbal Tea - Boost Immune System & Stress Relief & Full Energy-Vegan,Paleo,Gluten
  • ★ONLY THE TOP QUALITY: Our black tea is sourced from USDA organic certified farms, we use only finest tea leaves which are carefully selected by hand.
  • ★UNIQUE & FRESH TASTE: Our Organic black tea bags have a rich taste and invigorating aroma,and you can really taste the difference.
  • ORGANIC AND VEGAN: Our experts blend the 100% Organic Black Tea Powder and Reishi Mushroom, All Natural, Gluten Free and 100% Vegan.
  • ★ADDED WITH REISHI MUSHROOM: Our black tea added with the extract of organic Reishi Mushroom,which is known as the magic herb and has good benefits to health.
Yan Hou Tang Organic Chinese Black Tea Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaves 250g - English Breakfast Tea Bulk Leaf for Afternoon Tea
  • Endless Aftertaste : 250 Gram Chinese Organic Black Tea Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaves – Product of Taiwan,plants in China. sometimes referred to as smoked tea. Lapsang leaves are traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires with a distinctive smoky flavor. The soup is red and thick, with a long aroma and pine smoke. We promise you a pure natural process of tea, additive free.
  • Certificated & Safety Commitment : The Tea is made in Taiwan, meets the highest verified standards of Environmental Performance, Transparency & Accountability. The International Brand of Yan Hou Tang has registered over 30 countries.
  • Don’t miss these recommendations : In foods, the tea is consumed as a hot or cold beverage, also can try to add Milk in it, the flavor of milk tea is not reduced, and the syrup-like milk tea is formed. For the rich, full-bodied blend making it the ideal tea for enjoying not just at breakfast / afternoon time, but also at any time of the day~
  • What are the Benefits : Absolute Natural Supplements – With the function of improving cardiovascular health and energizing, contains a moderate level of caffeine , making it a wise choice for those trying to stay alert and focused.
Tao Tea Leaf Lapsong SouChong Black Tea- Smoked, 50g Premium Loose Tea Blend
  • 50g Loose Leaf Tea
  • WuYiShan, Fujian Province, China.
  • Grade A
  • Jin Jun Mei has a charming natural sweetness accompanied by its medium bodied texture, is smooth and has a complex symphony of flavours, sweet and fruity tastes alongside floral hints.
YongWell - Premium High Mountain Picked Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (8oz)
  • YongWell Premium Quality Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is Harvested For a Brief Period of Time, Which Makes This Tea Rarer And More Expensive. It Also Stands Out From the Rest For Having a Less Smoky Flavor And a Sweeter Taste.
  • Produced In The Fujian Province of China
  • Storage: Cool and Ventilated Place. Avoid Direct Sunlight or Humid Areas

Lapsang Souchong Smoky Tea 100 gram - Loose Leaf Black Tea - from its original birth place FuJian Province of China
  • A superior leaf Lapsang Souchong offering a crisp character with the remarkable and heady aroma of an oak fire with smoky taste.

English Tea Store Loose Leaf, Organic Lapsang Souchong China Black Tea Pouches, 4 Ounce
  • Grown in China
  • The package length of the product is 6. inches
  • The package width of the product is 5. inches
  • The package height of the product is 4. inches
Simple Loose Leaf - Russian Caravan Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Rich and Smokey - USA Hand Packaged - 60 Cups
  • LOOSE LEAF RUSSIAN TEA – Russian Caravan is a harmonious Russian black tea blend that highlights the smokiness of Lapsang Souchong, the malty chocolate flavor of Assam, and the crispiness and smoothness of Keemun. A full-bodied tea perfect for an early morning wake up. Add a splash of milk for extra sweetness.
  • 4 OZ OF LOOSE LEAF – Brew up to 60 cups with this 4 oz. (113.6 g) of High Caffeine, Dry Loose Leaf Tea; BREW A PERFECT CUP – Brew 2 tsp/cup at 200°F for 3-5 minutes
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, Assam Black Tea, Keemun Black Tea
  • HAND PACKAGED WITH CARE – All our teas are U.S.A. hand packaged in recyclable containers (100% Recycled Paper and 70%+ Recycled Aluminum End Caps) through local, nonprofit partnership
  • SMALL SHOP WITH BIG DREAMS – Simple Loose Leaf is a family operation of three siblings (Andrew, Nicholas and Sarah) dedicated to enriching our customers’ lives through a passionate discovery of new tea flavors and blends. We hope you enjoy your next cup!
Oriarm 250g / 8.82oz Wuyi Lapsang Souchong Loose Tea - Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Lightly Smoked Black Tea Loose Leaf - 1st grade - Caffeinated - Brew Hot or
  • This Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is made by lightly baking over pine wood, as a result, the tea takes on its characteristic smoky scent and flavor but not overwhelming, it tastes soft, mellow with sweet aftertaste, leaving a very pleasant fragrant smell lingering in mouth and throat.
  • Tea Leaves are tightly twisted strip, glossy black in color, naturally grown in Wuyi Mountain at an altitude between 1000 and 1500 meters, good naturally environment makes this land especially suitable for tea cultivation.
  • This Lapsang Souchong Black Tea tastes wonderful with or without milk or sugar. It is good for mixing with herbal and flowers. Also ideal for making milk tea and using in the blending of English Breakfast tea.
  • Besides the smooth and perfect taste. This Lapsang Souchong Tea has great health benefits, this Wuyi Black Tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis a good source of antioxidants and flavonoids, it can be a part of your diet plan as it helps to burn fat.
  • We are aiming at providing tea of assured quality and perfect service.
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea
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