Hey Guys how are you all?

I hope all of you are doing really great, after all we have Summer here in Canada and this is the only time, when we go out and enjoy the weather.

Not only this, if we want to grow something, again in summer only we can grow some vegetables, herbs and flowers. Like every year, I do my best to grow as much as I can in my backyard Garden.

If your Backyard is really big, then you can grow many Vegetables and for that, you need gloves, special gardening tools and also Gardening Shoes. But my backyard is not that big and it is seven years, when we bought this home.

When we bought this home, there was very little space to grow vegetables and flowers and rest in half was lawn and in half was Patio.

Because I love to grow Vegetables, so now I made so much more space to grow more herbs, Perennials and Vegetables. My both sons helped me to make the space bigger for growing Vegetables.

This year, most of the Part is Perennial Shrubs and only few annual plants are there in my Backyard Garden, because Perennials come back each year.

Why to Grow Perennials?

  • They Offer an enormous Variety of Colors, texture and form
  • They save your time and Money, because most of them they come back each year with more growth and big roots, so this way you not only save your time, but also save money by planting these hassle-free plants
  • Most beautiful perennial flowers are perfect for any Garden—either small or big and either front Garden or Backyard Garden
  • When these Plants establish, they need very little attention and give you a blossoming backyard, which can increase the Resale Value of your Home.

Which Herbs do I have in my Backyard Garden in 2021?

July 2021 Backyard Gardening Tour

Why not use the space to grow something, so we can eat fresh, straight from the garden it will come to our Kitchen. These Vegetables, herbs and fruits taste much better than those, which we buy from the market.

Today in this video I’ve shown you my Backyard Garden, which can inspire all of you to grow something, wherever you have land or even in Grow bags as well.

I have grown in perennials; some vegetables: such as-Bell pepper, Green chillies, oregano, thymes, Rosemary, green onions, Tomatoes, eggplants, chickpeas, peas, coriander, methi, spinach, basil, potatoes and some flowers. In perennials: I have so many variety of Shrubs; such as-Hibiscus, Geranium and so many more.

Even you don’t have space, still you can grow something; such as in grow bags, Plastic containers empty bins etc.

In my opinion, we should use Grow bags, because they are environment friendly. Grow Bags are good, because These grow bags provide excellent aeration and good air permeability, can offer enough space for roots to breath and effectively avoid root swirling, promote a healthy root ball.

Have you ever eaten Vegetables and fruits from Your own backyard?

If yes, then for sure you know the difference of taste between from the Grocery Store and  from your own Garden.

There are so many benefits of growing your own fruits and Vegetables that are given below:

The Benefits of Backyard Gardening

  1. Eat Fresh and Healthy: The vitamin and nutrient levels in fruits and vegetables are more, when they come straight from the Garden to your Kitchen, because nowadays the fruits and vegetable, which we Buy, most of them come from many other Countries and it takes a long time to reach to us and of course they are not fresh,  when we Buy them
  2. Kids learn about Vegetables and Family Hobby: When our Kids saw us growing our Herbs in our own Garden, they learn about them and they start eating them. Gardening is a fun and family friendly activity, which allow kids to get their hands dirty and learn where their food come from
  3. More tasty and Delicious: Home grown Vegetables are more tasty and delicious rather than buying from the Market. Their skin is so Soft that you don’t have to even peel them
  4. Enjoy and feel Confident: When you grow your own Fruits and Vegetables, you feel good and Confident by growing them successfully
  5. Save your Money and Time: Growing your own Vegetables can Save your Money, if not, because there are some expenses to grow your own Food; for example-Soil, Water, Seeds and Seedlings. Comparatively buying from the Market it gives you many other Benefits; for example: you don’t have to go to Gym, because when you work in the Garden; for example- digging and pulling  out weeds, growing, harvesting, watering. There is much physical work, which is good Physical exercise and also free. I love it.
  6. Sun Bath: When we work early morning in the Garden, we can have a Sun bath at the same time, while doing work for our Garden and that is so good for us according to Ayurveda
  7. Free from Pesticides:  Growing your own fruits and vegetables can offer you the opportunity to reduce the amount of pesticides or no Pesticides at all as I don’t use any Pesticide in my Garden, but use only Homemade Pesticide to Control Bugs 
  8. Sense of Appreciation: When you grow plants and Vegetables, then your friends and relatives, which come to your Home, they like your Garden and appreciate your hard work and especially when you give fruits and vegetables to them, they love it. Yesterday my neighbour told me, the saag (Mustard leaves) that I gave to her from my backyard garden, she said it was really tasty. She asked do I have more?
  9. New Interests: Really believe me,  since I’m planting some vegetables and  when they produce fruits and flowers, I feel like I’m  blessed with a lot of Luck of having them and Enjoy eating and seeing them
  10. Growing food is Simple and Easy: Yes there should be some kind of interest,  then only you can work in the Garden, otherwise it is Simple and Easy, anybody can learn by doing it
  11. Make your Yard Inviting: Vegetable and fruit garden can add life, Color and Beauty to your Backyard. The smell of beautiful flowers and the sight of crisp Cucumbers are a warm invitation to people and pollinators alike.

Homemade Pesticide Spray for Garden

This is the easiest method for making Homemade Pesticide to control all kind of Insects for your Plants.
You can make it only for one dollar and without any harmful effects to your Plants.
This involves no harmful chemical.

  • You need Garlic cloves duly peeled off and cut in big
  • Mint leaves
  • Green chili or Red chili powder.

Method to make Pesticide Spray

  1. Boil in water everything together for 10-15 minutes and let it cool to room temperature
  2. Put in the spray bottle and use every 15 days.
June 2021 Backyard Garden Tour
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