Made from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant, turmeric is an ancient Indian spice that has become a popular herbal supplement due to its antioxidant benefits.

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The curcumin in turmeric is responsible for its vibrant yellow color and provides antioxidant activity that helps neutralize free radicals in the body. Out of various common spices, turmeric has one of the highest antioxidant activities.

 Curcumin has a unique ability to cross the blood- brain barrier, a membrane that protects the brain from invaders like bacterial infections and keeps out most other substances as well. This gives curcumin the ability to deliver its antioxidants and anti-inflammatories directly to the brain, which is particularly helpful in cases of dementia and depression

Question: How to Use Turmeric?

Answer: There are many ways to use Turmeric. Personally I use in my all Indian Dishes; such as I Use in-All types of Dals, Sabji, Pakoras and also in Dough to Make Missi Roti. But some people Make turmeric Milk, Turmeric Tea and also they use in Smoothies. So it is your personal choice to use.

Question: Is there any Side effects of turmeric?

Answer: The same agents in turmeric, which supports digestive health can irritate your stomach, when taken in large amounts. So when you use in small amount, then there is no harm, even it is beneficial. I’m using it for Decades in my everyday cooking.

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How to Use Turmeric?

  • A small pinch of turmeric root powder will add a nice orange-yellow color to salad dressings.
  • Use it in tea, coffee, soup, smoothies, juices, energy balls, hummus, muffins, baked goods, or to spice vegetables
  • It also will complement any recipe that uses Rice, lentils and beans.
  • Turmeric Powder can also be used in face masks and body masks.
  • I use Turmeric for Sweet Rice(Zarda Rice) instead of Food Color.
  • Turmeric is a strong antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric can support joint health, A strong digestive system and natural healing because of these qualities.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin

Curcumin is a miracle nutrient that prevents and treats a wide variety of serious disease conditions. Many studies show that turmeric has major benefits for your body and brain. Many of these benefits come from its main active ingredient, curcumin. So below are some benefits of it.

  1. Turmeric is very popular spice and have been used for centuries. Turmeric is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat inflammation — both inside and out.
  2. It is believed that  it’s commonly used to fight inflammation, and the bulk of turmeric’s inflammation-fighting powers can be credited to curcumin. 
  3. Pain Relief: Turmeric is pain reliever and it helps to  relieve arthritis pain.
  4. Digestion: Turmeric can also play an important role in digesting the food. Turmeric can  contribute to healthy digestion as a result of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Use in Ayurveda: Ayurveda, have used turmeric as a medicine for many diseases and conditions for centuries: aches, pains, wounds, sprains, liver disorders, and those affecting the skin.
  6. Arthritis: Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, due to  that it is being used as an effective Remedy for Arthritis pain
  7. Weight Loss: It is believed that Curcumin in Turmeric powder helps  to increase the flow of bile, an important component in the breakdown in the dietary fat. So if you eat healthy diet, do regular exercises- like yoga poses, walk, meditation and one teaspoon of turmeric powder in any form(used in Soups, Dals and Sabji), then it can be an effective Weight Loss
  8. Anti-inflammatory: Turmeric is known as anti-inflammatory, which can help managing with pain, brain health support, and liver detoxification. I use turmeric in regular base in my all Indian dishes, but don’t take extra.
  9.  Cleanse Your Skin and Maintain Young: It is believed that Turmeric can keep your skin healthy and young, but you have to eat healthy diet at the same time
  10. Treatment for Digestive Problems: Turmeric is very good to treat some problems-stomach aches, excessive gas, and bloating
  11. Menstrual Problems: It is believed that Turmeric has an effect on uterine contractions and can help Menstrual Problems.

How I use Turmeric in my Diet?

  • I use Turmeric powder in my all dishes; such as in Kala Chana Soup, Kabuli Chana Soup, Rajma, Mung Dal, Masoor Dal, means I use in all my dishes.
  • I use turmeric in my Missi Roti dough. While making dough for missi roti; I add turmeric powder, which is not only makes the roti looks more attractive, but also increase the taste and gives health benefits
  • I use turmeric to make my Zarda Rice
  • I also use in Pakora batters.

How I Use Turmeric as a first Aid?

I use Turmeric for Swelling and Bruise. So below are real life Experiments that Work for me and my family.

1️⃣ First My own story: When I was a little girl and I was playing with Toka(machine to cut hay) I cut my finger so badly and my mother put haldi(Turmeric powder) on it, that’s what I remember. Now I’m 57 years old and my finger has still mark on that cut, but nobody knows, only I know about this. So it means turmeric did the first aid to stop the blood and heal that cut. In those days we used to live in a Village, where no medical faciality was available at all.

2️⃣ Second Story of my Son: One time my son came from the University and his ankle was swollen and also he had temperature. Next day he has to write his exam. I told him to go to doctor’s s office, but he said no. Then I gave him turmeric with milk. How I gave him turmeric? In very little desi ghee, which I melted and put some turmeric and make small tablets from it and gave him two with the milk. I also boiled dried Neem Patta in water and washed his swollen ankle and repeated the same process once again next day. After doing this whole process twice, my son started to feel good and the swelling of his ankle was gone in two days.

3️⃣ Third Story of One Tradesperson: Around 9 years ago, in our old home, our furnace was not working and here in Canada, due to snow the temperature was so Cold and it was the time of winter, so nobody was coming to repair it. Then we called our one family friend and his relative used to do this personal Business. He gave his phone number and we called him, but he said, his leg is fractured. We requested him to come and please check it. So he came and I gave him Turmeric the same way(in second story of my son) as I gave to my son. Then he called me after couple of days and told me that his leg was okay after doing it 2-3 times. Now whenever he met us, he called me “Haldi wali Aunti”(Means Aunt, who gave turmeric)

What is Turmeric and benefits of it?

What is Turmeric ?

This bright yellow member of the ginger family has a long list of health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Add it to soups, sauces, salad dressing, rice and pasta dishes – it has a strong colour but not a strong taste.

Like many spices, turmeric (Curcuma longa) has a long history of use in traditional medicine. 

Turmeric is a spice, which comes from the turmeric plant. It is commonly used in Asian food and I use Turmeric in all my Indian Dals and Sabji.

Means Turmeric is a natural herb that is commonly used as a spice in a wide variety of food. Mostly we use Turmeric Powder and even some people use fresh turmeric also. It looks like Ginger and you can see fresh turmeric in Indian Grocery Stores.

How To Make Turmeric Milk at Home?

  1. Boil One Cup of Milk
  2. Pour in your Cup
  3. Desired Sugar/ Shakar(jaggery powder)
  4. Now 1/2 Spoon Turmeric Powder and mix it properly. Drink it hot for only couple of days.
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Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine 1500mg. Highest Potency Available. Premium Organic Joint & Healthy Inflammatory Support. Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Capsules with Black Pepper Extract

Premium Organic Joint & Healthy Inflammatory Support. Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Capsules

  • Turmeric supplement from Dr. Danielle, biochemist and licensed naturopathic physician.
  • BioPerine(R) helps to increase the bioavailability of Turmeric Curcumin, helping your body make the most of it.
  • Our Turmeric Curcumin Supplement is 100 Percent Vegan, vegetarian friendly, and gluten-free vegetable capsules.
  • Turmeric is an ancient remedy that has been used for thousands of years. Ancient cultures used the yellow spice for centuries. Today, it is highly prized as a dietary supplement.
  • Curcuminoids are valued for their natural medicinal healing abilities. Turmeric Curcumin comes from the Curcuma Longa plant.

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  • CURCUMIN FIGHTS FREE RADICAL DAMAGE | Thousands of studies show that turmeric and curcumin have significant benefits for joint health, heart health, brain health, digestive health, immune health, healthy aging, and more. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that fights against oxidative stress to reduce aches and stiffness and slow the effects of aging.

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Doctor’s Best High Absorption Curcumin From Turmeric Root with C3 Complex & BioPerine

  • CURCUMIN C3 COMPLEX is clinically studied. This is a Curcuma longa rhizome-standardized to contain 95% total curcuminoids an antioxidant that supports healthy joints and improves joint comfort and joint function
  • TURMERIC WITH ITS CURCUMINS – Curcuminoids support the joints, brain, heart, and the circulatory system by helping to neutralize free radicals.*
  • HIGH ABSORPTION – BioPerine (black pepper extract) the best added bioavailability and absorption for Curcumin. Known primarily for its radical-scavenging activity, shown to benefit joint health.
  • Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are taking any prescription medications or if you have a medical condition
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.

Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex 500mg, Enhanced with Black Pepper & Organic Coconut Oil for Better Absorption; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 120 Count

Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex 500mg, Enhanced with Black Pepper & Organic Coconut Oil

  • Pure Turmeric Curcumin standardized to 95 percent Curcuminoids per softgel.
  • Formulated with Extra Virgin Organic Coconut and Bioperine (Black Pepper) for better absorption and bio-availability.
  • Made with the clinically studied ingredient, Curcumin C3 Complex.
  • Non-GMO verified by the IGEN program and Formulated Without Preservatives, Fillers, Artificial Colorings, Soy or Stearates.
  • If you’re not thrilled with our product, let us know within 90 days and receive a prompt and courteous refund. We stand behind our formula.
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.

Turmeric Curcumin Health Benefits & Recipes