Most people love rice. My husband and my both sons they also love rice and even they are so happy to take lunch as a rice in their offices. So every day I make rice for their lunch and before I used to make rice in pressure cooker twice a week only and other three days, I used to give Sandwich in their lunchboxes.

But my son requested me to make rice each day and he bought this Instant Pot for my convenience.

True be honest, Instant Pot made my life so much easier and saved my time a lot, because it helped me to make rice everyday for their office. Now they are happy and I’m happy too.

I’m not the big fan of Rice, I just eat once a while. Despite of born and brought up in a farmer’s house, still I don’t like Rice as I like Missi Roti.

How to Make Matar wale Rice?

Green Peas Pulao
Green Peas Pulao

My favorite is Roti and Paratha. From last three years, because I made so many good amendments in my diet to stay healthy. So three years ago, I started to eat missi roti in my breakfast and dinner. I eat rice, when I make green peas pulao or with so many other vegetables.

This tasty & mildly flavored rice dish is known as matar pulao or pea pulao and it is so easy to make. Not only easy to make, but also it is very tasty and healthy, because we used in this Recipe fresh peas, not frozen. Pulao doesn’t taste as good as the one with fresh peas, so I recommend to use fresh peas, it they are available near you.

You can make this pea pulao as part of a simple meal In the spring, summer and also in winter time, but I always make Rice in day time, not in dinner. It is not only simple meal, but also so easy and tasty at the same time.

Peas Pulao Recipe or Matar Pulao Recipe Instructions

This pulao Recipe can be made under 45 minutes in Instant Pot. This Matar Pulao is made with  Sella Extra Long Basmati Rice. This super easy one instant pot peas pulao is made much the same way as we make in pressure cooker.

Ingredients I used in this Recipe are:

  • One inch fresh chopped ginger
  • Little bit fresh chopped garlic
  • 1/4 fresh chopped onion
  • Fresh Peas
  • One peeled & chopped potato

There are many ways to make Peas Pulao; such as-you can make peas pulao in pressure cooker, you can make peas pulao in any open utensil; such assteel pot, Kadai, Sauce pan, electric cooker etc.

But here in this video, I made Green Peas Pulao in Instant Pot. I never use frozen peas for my Rice and I’m lucky even here in Canada, I get fresh Peas Pods. Green peas are seasonal legume and in hot countries; such as-India, the markets are flooded with fresh pea pods during the season. But here in Canada we all the time get peas.

Question: How to serve Green Peas Pulao?

Answer: You can serve Peas Pulao with Plain Yogurt, Green Chutney or any kind of Pickle; such as-Mango Pickle, Carrot Pickle, Lime Pickle etc.

Matar Pulao Recipe with Video

How to make Green Peas Pulao in Instant Pot
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