We all know, Onions are so important in our daily cooking.  I think we, can not imagine to cook without onion in our Indian dishes. In India, people eat raw onion in Salads, because in Indian people eat very simple salad made from, only with onion, cucumber and tomatoes, which tastes really great with lunch and dinner.

how to grow onions in water
how to grow onions in water
How to Grow Onions  In water

On the right side Picture, you can see, how I have grown onions in the basket and underneath is water in ant other container. So easy to grow, just place the onions in the basket and put water underneath in another container and change the water once or twice a week. That’s it, very easy to grow green onions to enjoy the fresh onion leaves(Scallions). Even those people, who don’t have any land or Backyard Garden, they can also grow and enjoy fresh Scallions.

Not only this, but you can also grow Black Chick pea leave, Methi(Fenugreek) in Water, Wheat Grass in water, Sarson Saag in Water etc.

I use Onion, garlic, ginger and sometimes green chillies in my dishes, but I use onions more than garlic and ginger, because I make green chutney with green onion, I make pakoras with green onions and I use green onions in soups as well, because I try my best to use green onion if I have it, otherwise I use dry onions.

Growing onions indoors is a fun project and at the same time we cay enjoy fresh onion leaves. Onions are a high yield crop. Green onions can be ready in 20 to 30 days after planting.

Onions are easy to grow both outdoors and inside.  They are one of those vegetables that we use often. Onions can be grown from seeds or transplants.

There are lots of ways to grow onions outdoors, but they usually require a big garden space.

 You can grow onions from seeds and the seeds take about 6-8 weeks to sprout. Water them regularly to ensure the soil is moist to facilitate the growth.

Growing onions in pots is easy.  You won’t get a large crop like you do outside, but the top will give you a part of the plant that you can use in recipes.  

How to Grow Onions in Water?

Onions don’t even need soil to grow. Growing onions in water is a project the kids will love because they can see the roots growing through the sides of the glass.

Onions can be a decorative plant too, as this right photo shows, which I used to keep close to my Microwave and it looks really beautiful.

Onions don’t even need soil to grow. Sometimes our onions started to sprout, when we don’t use them for a long time, so you can use these sprouted onions to grow in water, so they will not take much time to produce green tops for you to use. Sprouted onion with the roots down in a glass of water, it will continue to grow on the top with new shoots as you can see in picture right side.

 Now, wait and watch your onion to grow and within a week, you will see the roots elongate into the water, and a green sprouts will rise from the top.

The roots and base of the onion should be immersed in water. This way, the roots will be able to drink up water so the onion can grow at the top, while the rest of the onion will be surrounded by air to avoid rotting.

I have made two separated videos; one, where I have grown onions in two glasses. In second video, I have grown onions in the basket.

Onion in Water

How to Grow Onions in the Ground?

In the above picture, you can see clearly that the onion are still good after first harvest. If you have some land, then now you can plant them in the land. But if you don’t have land, then you can plant in the grow bags. But if you don’t have neither land nor grow bags, then let them grow again in the water and you can do it until they are okay.

How to Grow onion In Garden?

Growing Onions outside any where

Onions are a cold-season crop, so that’s why they are very easy to grow because of their hardiness. Onions can be planted in either the spring or fall. Onion plants grow well in raised beds or raised rows at least 4 inches high. So if you have space in your backyard or front Gard garden, you can grow them.

It is your own choice, which you want to grow; such as, white, red and even yellow. I prefer yellow. Onions can be planted in both the spring and fall seasons, depending on where you live. Generally speaking, plant onion sets outdoors when the weather is cool.

How to Grow Onions In water
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