WordPress plugin for lead capture, call to action and email marketing. Create unlimited pop ups with Icegram WordPress Plugin of every type that you need and Customize every popup from theme and position to targeting and cookies. Build your brand and achieve your Goals.

Little about Icegram Plugin

Little about Icegram Plugin

Icegram is the best plugin to easily create beautiful Opt-in, call to actions of your choice, show them to targeted visitors and convert them to customers and fans.

Icegram eliminates the need to hire a developer. You can easily set it up within minutes and start recording results right away.

Icegram is full-featured, easy to use, trusted by 40,000+ users.

120+ ready to use Campaigns, which you can Create with this Amazing Icegram Pro Plugin such as: Lead magnets, Subscription forms, special offers and much more…..

How to fix Icegram plugin Popups Problem?

Icegram is one of the most feature-packed WordPress plugin you will ever see. Upon installing the plugin you can feel the power of having so many different types of forms and formats with excessive Customization Capabilities.

Icegram is one of the most trusted lead generation plugins that can help you collect emails at a very high speed.

Icegram is not the typical optin / list-building / email subscription plugin. You can do a lot more than that along with optin!

Best Features of Icegram Plugin

  • Easily Grow Your Subscriber List: Show attention-grabbing, high converting email opt-in forms and build your subscriber list.
  • Instantly Drive Traffic: Display powerful call to action (CTA) buttons and drive visitors to any page you like.
  • Start Engaging and Converting Visitors: Grab visitors’ attention, make an announcement, engage them to reduce bounce rate or offer them any other call to action.

Grow your Online Business

Icegram WordPress Plugin For Free Hello Bars, Notifications and Popup Opt-in. You will see dramatic growth in the number of subscribers, because you will drive a lot more people to your landing pages and also you will see Sales going up and abandonments falling down

Exit Popups for WordPress

Exit Popups

Show right messages to right people at the right time in the right place with the help of this beautiful Plugin, which has really Good customer reviews.

Every email you send to your subscribers is an opportunity to connect with them, stay top-of-mind, and increase your conversions.

Icegram is another popular WordPress plugin with tons of features. It’s a top option if you want to implement more than just popups to your website, without having to install multiple plugins. 

How to Install Icegram Plugin?

It is so easy to Install Icegram Plugin like any other Plugin we install in WordPress.

?Go to Plugins,?Now Add new, where you’ll see Search Bar. In the Search section just write the name of this Plugin for example(Icegram), When you see, click on Install Now and then Activate it. You’re good to go and work with it.

Below is the Picture of Installing Icegram Plugin.

I’m blogging for last 7 years, but never care to capture emails. I used to get many times comments from my Blog Post Readers, why I don’t have Subscribe Newsletter?

I love to write new Posts, but hate to create Popups for my Three Blogs Ease Bedding Dot Com, Wp Easy Money Dot Com and this one Recipes with More Dot Com. Even 2-3 times in these years, I tried, but became bored and left this work without completing, which was so important even in the beginning of starting my Blogging Journey.

I Made Mistake by Not having Subscribe Popup on my all Blogs?

Online business is all about lead generation & making profits. Nowadays there is so much competition in any Business and in Online Business, which is Worldwide, there is more competition than Offline Business.


After working hard on my Two Blogs for many years, Traffic of my Both Blogs started to decrease, despite of working hard, because I never used any Paid Traffic and Collect email to send them any emails for promotions.

Now on Fifth year after launching Ease Bedding Blog, I planned to use Popups for my both blogs and I started to find best free Plugin, which have Good Customer Reviews and I found one most popular Plugin and the name of it is,? Pop Ups, Welcome Bar, Options and Lead Generation Plugin – Icegram- By icegram

I Don’t See Icegram preview

Before Installing this Plugin, I tried to learn about this Plugin as much as I could by spending almost two days. When I was fully confident that this is the Plugin that I should use.

Unfortunately after I Installed it, I couldn’t see Previews of any kind of Popups. I wrote to Nirav Mehta about the problem of this Plugin and he replied,

Hey there,

Thanks so much for downloading Icegram. I’m thrilled to have you on-board and I welcome you to the Icegram family. First things first, here’s a complete walkthrough on installing and using Icegram.

Don’t hesitate to reply to this email in case of any difficulties.

Founder, Icegram

So I was not happy, because my Campaigns were not showing up in Previews. What was causing this problem? Before I spend more time to find any other good Plugin, I planned to spend some time to Resolve this Issue.

I started to search on the Google by typing this Phrase” I don’t see icegram preview” and I found this “Can’t get icegram to work on my site” where I read the answers given by the Plugin Author.

This conversation was happened 3 years and 9 months ago by the time of writing this article( Date May 4, 2020)

Below is the Screenshot of the conversation, where I was able to find the Solution of this Problem.

Icegram Conversation Screenshot
Icegram Conversation Screenshot

Autoptimize was the Root Cause of This Problem

To find the solution, I deactivated all my Plugins and started to see the Previews of all Campinas. Then I activated the Plugins one by one and came to know that Autoptimize is giving the Problem. Then it was so easy for me to solve this Issue.

In the below Screenshot, you can see I just Unchecked the button of Aggregate JS-files” then everything was fine.

So use this plugin for your WordPress Websites, I hope you’ll like it.

How to fix Icegram plugin Popups Problem?

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