Big and small Goals can be the stepping-stones to a happier life and the way we set them, can make a difference to achieving them. At the beginning of every New year, many of us create New Year’s Goals. We sit aside & think about what we achieved or what we didn’t accomplish in the last year.

Again we create new hopes and dreams for the coming year(New year)

Well begun is half done


Means a good beginning almost assures success.

I think, when you set up big Goals, they are exciting and inspiring, so they can really help you to not only achieve, but also exceed your full potential.  Working on the big goals is not easy, but the best way to gain the Success is to break down your big goal into a series of small goals. 

How to Achieve your Goals

When I set the goal to eat healthy diet and become my own doctor, first of all I stopped eating sugar and replace it with Jaggery Powder . Then I reduced one Masala chai in lunch and instead of it, I started to eat Plain homemade Yogurt.

Almost 4 years ago, I quit my morning tea forever and instead of it, I started to drink Green Juice. At the same time I stopped eating lunch and instead of it, started to eat fruit salad.

It took couple of years to work on the diet and I got really good success gradually, which increased my confidence and encouraged me to make such more improvements in my lifestyle.

In may, 2021, when I faced shortness of breath, then I didn’t ran to doctor’s office, I tried so many Natural things to cure this problem naturally. I tried Enema for 10 days, then I tried Abdominal Wet Pack for a month, I got little improvement in my shortness of breath, but not that much.

Two months ago, in May 29, I reduced my tea to now only 2 cups for a day, I changed my wheat flour to Sattu Flour, Ragi flour, Oats flour, Corn flour and Besan.

Means for last three months, now I use very little wheat flour, but using other flours instead of it.

Now I eat breakfast and dinner from Bajra, sattu, corn, Ragi, Rice, Oats flours and make the dough by adding chia seeds, Alsi, and different vegetables each day. All my family embers are happy and overall everybody is seeing improvement in their health.

Taking these small steps towards healthy lifestyle, took couple of years(around 7 years)and gradually I changed and practically I have seen the benefits by trying different things. It gave me the great success  in achieving my big bold goals to become healthy with Natural ways.

Sometimes I think, without having goals, life can become boring, means when we don’t know what to do? then achieving something can not happen at all.

Having human life is God’s precious Gift and in my opinion, until at the end of our life, we should do, whatever we can do for ourselves, for our family and for the Society. Means we must do something to improve our own life, to improve others life as well.

Some people have very big Goals and they do so much for others(Society)some do so much for their families and some do so much for their own health, own carrier, own children. Nothing is bad, everything is good, means do whatever you can do.

So it depends on your Goals, whether they are big or small, but you must have something to do do or I mean to achieve. Otherwise, the purpose of our life will lost.

Your goal should be very specific and you should try your best to accomplish it.

Research shows that those, who set goals are 10 times more successful than those, who don’t set Goals.

Don’t Let Others Set The Goals For You

Never allow others to set goals for you. Means when you don’t set your own goals, then they are not your goals, you’re not interested in them. You can only achieve those goals, which you think you can accomplish and those goals, which motivates you to fulfil. When others suggest you to make goal, it’s now no longer your goal, and you have no sense of ownership or commitment to this new goal, as its someone else’s goal.

You can quit goals, which are made by others for you. When you set goals for yourself, you will set only those that motivates you. It means they are important to you, means there is value in achieving them. If they are irrelevant to you and set by others, then the chances are low to achieve them.

Goal achievement requires commitment, such as, “ I must Do This” still there will be failure sometimes, but no worries, you’ll remind yourself to achieve it, and definitely one day you’ll accomplish it.

How to Start Your Goals? Examples

1. Think Then Decide

It makes no difference, whether you want to achieve something small or big, but to achieve it, you have to work towards on your Goal. For example, you want to gain good health, whether you want to Gain Weight or even Lose Weight, you have to eat healthy diet(means change your lifestyle)do some yoga, walk and do Meditation; such as Vipassana Meditation.

Second example of setting your goal is, you want to start your own Online Business or any other Business.

To start you Online Business, you have to start making your own WordPress Website or Blog at any other Platform. Then write some quality content and bring traffic towards your Blog/Website.

For other Business; such as Insurance Business, you have to study and take the licence and then start working on it.

There are unlimited more examples to set your goals; such as-Getting Married, Planning to have baby, Moving to Abroad; such as taking the Immigration of Canada and achieve so many other things in your life.

Everyday in the morning my Goals for each Day; such as-Today I will make Sattu Paratha with Organic Yogurt(Plan what to eat for whole day, Second, I plan, what I’m going to do for my Business each day? Third, I plan about my Backyard Garden work & so many other things I plan and I try to achieve them.

2. Write Down your Goals

Write Down your Goals

My younger son wrote his Goals and he is more successful than my elder son, who never wrote his Goals, he just do. My younger son’s Goals were after finishing his Engineering degree something like this-Take good Job(he got it), then Buying a Home and he bought his first home at the age of 27 in very expensive area in Mississauga, Ontario. Then his next Dream was to take Job in Microsoft and he is working there in Seattle, USA for more than a year. His next Goal is to get married.

Overall I mean to say this only that my both sons are doing good in their carriers and overall in the life, but younger one, who wrote his Goals, doing much better in very smooth and Relaxing way.

 You can display your goals in a prominent location, which can help remind you each day of what you are working towards?

While writing down your Goals, don’t forget to make them specific and measurable, also time-bound at the same time. For example; don’t write, I need Profession Job, instead write, ” Engineering Entry Level Job or Engineering Intermediate Job” then work to achieve it.

3. Plan to Overcome from Hurdles

Plan to Overcome from Hurdles

There are many hurdles to overcome along the way while working towards your bigger Goals. Hurdles are unavoidable, so don’t worry about your failures, keep on working and be positive all the time that you definitely will achieve it, whatever you planned to achieve.

Keep in mind that while working towards goals, there will be setbacks, but the only thing you can do is learn from them and keep going.

These problems are bound to come, nobody can stop them, but you have to continue towards goals.

4. You Need Support from Family & Friends

You Need Support from Family & Friends
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Whenever you feel disappointed from your failure to reach towards your Goals, then family and friends are there, who can give you moral support.

Believe me, moral support works like miracle. So tell to your parents about your weaknesses, they can support you.

As a mother of two sons age 29 and 32, me and my husband, we’re always there to give them moral support. Whatever we can do for them, we try to help them, and I have seen most of the times my both sons are able to reach there, whatever they planned to achieve.

You can also take the opportunity to find a community of people, who are working towards the same goal online as you’re doing.

5. Stay Positive

No doubt there will be many problems on your way to reach to your Goals, but looking on the bright side and celebrating small wins is the key to reach to your bigger goals. Always sit, relax, do Meditation, talk to someone to stay positive. Never stop until you get success towards your goals.

6. Take The Full Responsibility of your Failure

Successful people take full responsibility for their failures, but failures give the blame to others. Doesn’t matter, whether you fail to get professional Job or anything else, if you want to get there, believe me, definitely you’ll take that Job, nobody can stop you, but if you’re not working hard, doing this and that, then giving the blame to anybody else, then you have to change your attitude.

7. Final Thought

Overall your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, Relevant, and time bound. Means Your goal must be clear and well defined. Your goal must have a time bondage. Your Goal should be motivating, valuable and important to you.

How to Achieve your Goals
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