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Today first time after making money Online for last 6 years, I am revealing, how I’ve made $39, 000 from my Online Business.

How I started Online?

 How I’ve Made Over $39, 000  from my Online Business in 6 years

First of all, I would like to give little introductions about me. I’m Jaswinder Kaur Blogger and the author of two Blogs-Easebedding.com and Recipeswithmore.com

Before today I’ve never publicly talked about my Earnings, because I don’t prefer to do so. But I’ve seen top bloggers Publish their monthly Income Reports, which I think encourage others to start something Online.

So I planned to write my Online Journey experiences for the benefit of my Readers.

   Nowadays making money Online is possible and even there are many legitimate ways to make money from your home, which I learned by doing experiments.

Yes, it takes some time to learn and then make money online. But there is huge potential to earn, even full time income from Online in so many ways.

Around 7 years ago(by the time of writing this article November 13, 2020) I used to find online sites, where I could Publish something.

First time I made 1, 200 with MaxBounty

How I made 1200 with MaxBounty by promoting Surveys on free Sites!

I used to fill information on so many sites and at that time the same way, I filled my information without knowing anything at all with MaxBounty and they called me.

He (manager) asked me, How I’m going to promote their products? I don’t know, what I said, but my application was approved and even at that time, I didn’t know what to do?

My son used to work Online and I asked him. He told me little bit about selling online and I started to promote their Surveys; such as Swag bucks here and there on free sites. I started to make $1 to $4 daily, which was so much excitement for me and I worked with them for one year and made around $1200

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I made Little Money with Squidoo But learned a Lot

Squidoo Logo

I tried on so many sites, but could not publish anything. Then I found one site, Squidoo.com.

Squidoo was a Revenue-sharing article-writing site, where I started my Online carrier.

So I am going to share some of my experience digging into this great social service called ‘Squidoo‘.

I’m sure many of you have used this platform by creating your account here and writing lenses on this platform.

At that time, I knows nothing, but there was, so much urge to learn to make money online. So I got this platform, where I could publish my thoughts in lenses(Articles were called lenses)

Here on Squidoo, I learned a lot and Publish so many Lenses.

What was Squidoo?

Squidoo was a user-generated Website, which allowed users to create multimedia pages without an understanding of Html.  

In January 2006, Godin announced that the company would start a profit-sharing system whereby lensmasters would receive affiliate income from ads they placed in their lenses.

I was lucky that my some articles(lenses) were very popular and used to show in Google’s first page, so I got my account with Amazon and eBay affiliate Programs.

But the money I made first time with Squidoo was, I think $2, but I was super excited, because I never made money online before that.

The Plus point of squidoo, was that, doesn’t matter how much are you making, you get it by Paypal.

 Unfortunately on August 15, 2014, founder Seth Godin announced that HubPages had acquired Squidoo.

I became so disappointed and moved my all articles to Blogger. com and I started my two blogs over there. Lucky I could publish my these articles in my two different blogs.

I started to work on blogger blog and my both blogs started to bring free organic traffic quickly. I got my first check from Amazon, because I used to monetize my articles with amazon affiliate links.

Slowly, I started to learn more and more and after being around 6 months on Blogger Blog, I changed the domain of my both blogs from free to paid and after that you know, What happened?

My all traffic became Zero and I became so frustrated and stopped working online for one year.

But, I never sit free, in this one year, I discussed with my husband and we planned to sell our old home. Most of work, I did myself and also my husband and both sons helped me to complete the projects to Sale that home for good price.

Then Our house was Sold for the benefit of $1, 00000 and we bought new home in more good area. We bought our Big home and it took one year to Sell and Buy this new Home.

After Selling and buying our New Home, Decorating work and everything was done in the period of one year.

Now again there was urge to Start a Blog, but now not on any free Platform, but on the /Wordpress.

I started my Easebedding.com and Import articles from the Blog, which I used to have on Blogger blog. Within months, my site started to make $600, every month. Then slowly-slowly my site started to make from$700-$900 monthly and one time $1400 and one time even it made $2500.

I started to Make money with Amazon Affiliate Program

Here’s a screenshot of my income through Amazon from Jan 1, 2019 to Dec. 2019

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-32-1024x576.png

I launched Recipes with more Niche in 2019

In 2019, I started my this Niche site(Recipes with more) I planned and choose the name very broad, where I can write a variety of topics for the articles and on the same name, I have my YouTube Channel(I changed the name later to this from my own personal name)

The benefit of having the same name of the YouTube channel is that, you can write recipe articles in your Blog posts, which I do. For example; Spinach Nutrition facts & Juice Recipe And How to Make Morning Detox Juice & Benefits.

The benefit of having YouTube channel is, You can make money from it in so many ways, because People love to watch videos and the second benefit for bloggers is that, if your blog is related recipes, then you can also in the articles and people understand the recipe by reading and by watching your related videos.

This Niche site also started to make money for me, but not like my first niche site(easebedding.com) By making these both niche sites, I’ve noticed in these 6 years that, having blog on small niche and having on broad niche makes a huge difference.

But, the good thing about Recipes with more is that, I can write about so many topics.

If you are interested in starting a blog of your own and make money with it, I created a tutorial that will help you to learn and Make your own Blog with only few dollars wit Bluehost.

In addition to the low pricing, you will receive a free website domain for the first year (a $12 value) through my👉 Bluehost referral link if you purchase, at least, 12 months of blog hosting.

I regularly earn each month and you can also learn and then earn with your own WordPress Website, which is not only easy to create, but in the long run it will be your money making machine.

Now I have many ideas to monetize my blogs and earn more with them. For example, I just started to use Google AdSense ads, which I never used for first 4 years and making monthly for last 4 months around $250 to $400(by the time of writing this article August 18, 2021)

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There are many ways to earn money online; such as- 

Today there are so many ways to make money online. There are many options for generating money online, whether you want to take a side job or dedicate the whole day to your new activity. You might think that it is impossible to make $1,000 dollars a month online, but it solely depends on the efforts you put into your work.

Naturally, you might need to take a few extra jobs to reach the $1,000 mark, but there are so many different options available today on the market, so that you have a great choice and will be able to find something for your own taste. Just think of different ways of how earning extra income can change your life for the better.

  1. Earn Money by participating in Market Research: Believe me, nowadays there are so many companies and businesses, which are willing to pay you for your opinions in order to improve their products, increase their sales, and expand their market. For example you can earn Cash on Swag bucks. including a $5 sign-up bonus. You can redeem cash via PayPal when you need the money. 
  2. Freelance Work Online: There are many companies that are ready to pay for small tasks. Fiverr is one of the best site to pay online
  3. Creating an Online Course: You can make money by creating an online course. Creating an online course is a lot of work, but it makes money for you for a long time and people are earning with their courses a lot.

How I’ve Made Over $39, 000 from my Online Business in 6 years