This healthy & delicious sandwich recipe is easy to make, high in protein and low in fat. This sandwich is perfect as quick breakfast for school or work, good as a healthy Protein Sandwich after doing workout.

Cheese Sandwich for Breakfast
Cheese Sandwich for Breakfast

This Sandwich recipe is easy, quick and healthy. Especially for those, who can’t cook, but need something homemade and healthy after their workout.

You can prepare this delicious recipe within 5 minutes and take them with you wherever you go. Even if you are looking for healthy sandwiches for kids, this recipe is perfect for them!

Always my goal is to cook something healthy, which can provide you some health benefits. Whenever I try things for eating and those recipes, which turned out good and easy. I try to make YouTube videos and then share in the Articles .

The quick way to decorate your Sandwich with something healthy is Beet Root. Beet roots are so good in breakfast sandwich, because they are not only healthy, but also very colorful.

Since I’m aware abut eating habits, I always try my best to cook something healthy. My elder son, who joined the Gym and he said, “Mom can you make Sandwich for me”? then I tried this one. He really love it. So below is the recipe in written and as a Video.

Question: What is the best time to eat Cheese Sandwich?

Answer: Early in the morning eat fruits or drink Green Juice. Then after doing your Gym, you can eat this Sandwich or as a snack, you can eat it in the evening.

This Sandwich will keep you energized until lunch. It is 100 times better than the Muffin and Donuts. I’m sure, you can make protein breakfast sandwich quicker than you drive to any nearest Restaurant and buy readymade muffin.

Protein Sandwich Recipe Instructions


  • Wash and grate one small size Beet root
  • Wash and grate some Marble Cheese with the grater
  • Take two slices of whole grain bread
  • Spread grated cheese on the one slice bread
  • Now spread some grated beet root
  • Put the other slice of the bread
  • Press with your hands

Make Cheese Sandwich:

  • In a nonstick frypan put 1/2 spoon of Olive Oil and spread it with the spoon
  • Now place the Sandwich gently and on the top put some leftover chees and press with the spoon
  • After a minute, flip the sandwich and on the other side, spread some cheese and press with the spoon
  • Then flip it again
Protein Breakfast Sandwich Recipe
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