Healthy dietary habits are essential to reduce the weight and live a fit healthy life. People, who have erratic schedule in having breakfast, lunch and dinner, face health problems in the long run. People think just filling their stomach is enough with Coffee, tea and Donuts or with something else like this.

Eating right food in the right time is utmost important to stay healthy, which I know through my own experience.

I was married at the age of 22 and now I’m 57 years Old. After my marriage, I never care to eat healthy diet and I will say, even I don’t know at that time, what should I eat or what should not eat?

Benefits of Eating Healthy Diet

My own Story of Eating Healthy Diet

For me eating anything or filling my stomach was enough at that time, when I was , in between at the age of 22 to 42. Even don’t know the meaning of Healthy Diet.

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You know what happened? Me, who was absolutely healthy, physically and mentally until the age of 22, started to become sick frequently after my marriage. I used to have so much Migraine, Constipation and some other health concerns. I used to go to this doctor or that doctor and try this medicine or that medicine. But no difference in my healthy, it was going worse and worse.

Then I did Yoga Course in 1999 and Vipassana Meditation Course in 17 January, 2000, my health started to improve a lot.

Immediately after doing these courses, we Moved to Canada permanently in February, 2000 and due to so many stresses, again my health started to go down, means this and that problem. Again this and that medicine, I started to eat.

I made some Positive changes in my Lifestyle

  • Did 10 Days Vipassana Course: I never care to improve my diet and never knew that diet plays an important role in keeping us healthy. Again here in Canada, I found Vipassana Center in Egbert Ontario and booked my course to do. I started to feel much better, but due to eating still junk food, fry food, I was not getting the benefits, which I should get.
  • Instead of Sugar Started Eating Jaggery: Around 11 years ago, I started to make some improvements; such as, I stopped eating White sugar forever and started to eat Jaggery. Second change I made was, whole grain flour instead of whole wheat flour. But it didn’t made any positive change in my health, means the results were not noticeable. Then 9 years ago by the time of writing this article, (July 19, 2021)I stopped one tea and started to eat plain home made Yogurt. Here my health improved by making only these two changes.(One less tea and in Lunch started to eat Yogurt with my lunch) Means I reduced caffeine.
  • Quit My Morning tea: Three years ago, I quit my morning tea(Trending article on Recipes with More)and started to drink green Juice, which I started with Coriander Juice, and then slowly slowly, I changed it to Spinach Juice. I put an apple, spinach, sometimes carrot or any other vegetable to make my morning Detox Juice. From here my health improved a lot and I stopped all doctors, all medicines and even no Supplements anymore.
  • Fruit Salad in Lunch: At the same time, three years ago, when I quit my morning tea, I started to eat fruit salad in my lunch, means not anything else. Only fruits in the lunch.
  • No fry food: I stopped eating almost all fry food and started to make fresh healthy breakfast and dinner every day. No leftover food anymore and I have seen noticeable health benefits.

Now for last 7 years, no medicines and even no supplements for me and my overall health became much better.

In April 2021, I don’t know what happened? we made new Basement, I had to do a lot of work for that, cooking, Online Business, might be due to doing so much work or what was the reason, I started to feel shortness of breath, so much migraine despite of eating healthy diet, my morning and evening practices as well.

Then to cure these all new health problems, I tried Enema for 10 days, I got some health benefits, but my shortness of breath was the same. Then I tried Abdominal Wet Pack for a month and my shortness of breath was improved and after 15 days, again they were the same.

Then I changed my diet altogether and within the first week my shortness of breath were gone, migraine gone and I’m felling totally okay.

So overall, I mean to say this only that, no doubt, Yoga, Meditation, walk and so much more; such as-Reading Positive books, Chanting, everything is good for our health, but through my own experience, I have seen that the most important is diet, because diet plays an important role to make us healthy.

Now what I eat in my Whole Day?

What I do other Things to Keep myself Healthy?

I get up early in the morning around 5.30 am. Brush my teeth and prepare for Juice and for breakfast. Then I take my shower and do 1/2 an hour yoga and then One hour Vipassana Meditation.

After eating my breakfast around 11 am, I go for walk only in the summer. I don’t go due to Snow in Winter. I keep myself busy by doing Cooking, Cleaning, Gardening, Blogging and some other things.

In Nutshell, I would like to say, everything help to make us healthy, but if we eat junk food and no proper diet, then we don’t get the benefits, which we should get from those all positive things.

Benefits of Eating Healthy Breakfast

Benefits of Eating Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for good reason. As the name suggests, breakfast actually breaks the overnight fasting.

Many studies have shown the health benefits of eating breakfast.

It improves your energy levels and overall health. People who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight.

If you don’t have breakfast, you might find you feel a bit sluggish and struggle to focus on things.

Benefits of eating Healthy Lunch

fruits in lunch

Basically, you should maintain a four hour gap between your breakfast and your lunch. So, if you eat breakfast at around 9 in the morning, wait till 2 pm for your lunch. Eat something light and healthy, as we all family members eat fruits only in the lunch.

Losing weight is not an easy task. It is even more difficult in our present lifestyles, which is mostly sedentary, fast-paced, and with hardly enough time to stick to healthy routines.

Yet, rising obesity rates across the world, along with weight-related health problems attacking people every day, losing weight has become more than a choice; it is now a necessity. And for that, food must be regulated. Dieters and dieticians will vouch that it is just as important to eat at the right time as the right food.

Benefits of Eating Dinner on Time

Benefits of Eating Dinner on Time
  1. Lose Weight: Individuals, who are having the dinner early and fasting for more than 10 hours are bound to have slimmer waist. The habit helps to keep the body in shape as long proper and healthy dinner provides adequate time for the metabolism to process the undigested food. Late night meals and snacks are extremely harmful for the people because it not only plays havoc with the body clock but also cause more harm than good in the long run. Therefore, if you want a waist that can fit perfectly with the slim fit jeans; try to have dinner early on
  2. Improve Digestion: Eating heavy meal at 10 PM can lead to bloated stomach, indigestion and discomfort in sleeping. Early light food is essential to have sound sleep. If you are sleeping early, it can have a positive effect on the overall health of the body. Late eating habit would lead to slow digestion and may also cause intestinal infections in the long run
  3. Don’t Sleep Right away after Eating your Dinner: People eating late at night and head straight to bed to catch up on sleep however it is an unhealthy habit because the food is not properly digested and may cause heart burn. Providing adequate time for digestion of food produces more energy that rejuvenates the body for the next day. Eating dinner in proper time before 8 pm is necessary to eliminate the symptoms of pain in the stomach.
  4. Avoid Oily & Fried Food: Oily food should be avoided at all cost because it increases cholesterol in the body and causes other health complications. Early dinner is necessary for individuals to stay alert and physically rejuvenated. It is similar to the sleeping habit as people who go to bed late at night feel worked up and sluggish, early during the day. Therefore, they suffer from poor concentration as well as focus.
  5. Feel Light and Fresh Next Day: One of the most important benefits of having food in the evening is that you get up early and feel fresh. You can also do light exercises in the morning and get ready to face the challenges in the day.

Benefits of Eating Healthy Diet
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