We all know that mobile optimization is important for our content strategy and also for SEO. Google AMP is a technology designed to help with that, but whether Google AMP is the best tool to do that for your business website or not? So in this post, I’m going to discuss my own experiences with this Particular Plugin(AMP WordPress Plugin).

Actually I’m not the big fan of using so many Plugins on my both sites. But I’ve to use some and I use only those, which are most important and even I use all free Plugins for last 7 years, since I started my Blogging Business. These all free Plugins are really good, because I’m using them on my both Websites(Recipeswithmore.com and Easebedding.com).

Google AMP Case Study – Leads Dropped Traffic

AMP official

If you run a WordPress website you might have tried the new Google AMP for mobile. It was recommended by Google in my Google AdSense Dash Board to increase my AdSense Revenue by using it.

So I planned to use it for my both sites and ended up testing it for a while on my both sites. In the end, I didn’t see good results and it ended up hurting our conversion rate on mobile devices. My traffic was almost gone and was surprise to see.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project) was originally launched back in October 2015. The project relies on AMP HTML, a new open framework built entirely out of existing web technologies, which allows websites to build light-weight web pages. To put it simply, it offers a way to serve up a stripped down version of your current web page.

AMP Plugin for Optimization to Potentially Increase your Revenue (Suggestion by Google)

In my Google AdSense Dashboard, under Optimization, “We analyzed your sites and found a new opportunity to potentially increase your revenue.” means there was suggestion by Google to use this Plugin, so I used it.

Question: What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Answer: Accelerated Mobile Pages is a term used to describe a new way of building mobile friendly pages that load faster compared to traditional mobile pages.

In this post you will learn how this AMP WordPress Plugin will not make your Website AMP friendly but make your rankings in Google worse and also decrease your organic traffic.

Why I removed AMP from my Both Sites? Reasons

  1. AMP Issues Detected on Recipeswithmore.com
  2. AMP Issues Detected on Easebedding.com
  • Official AMP Plugin causes drop in traffic: So I tried using official AMP plugin, I checked the speed of my sites and both sites really became more fast. But trying this Plugin for couple of hours, I loose my Traffic like crazy. Google AMP Didn’t Work for my both sites, so I deactivate it on both sites and got my Traffic back, still there was impact on the second day, because the traffic was decreased a lot. So for the time when AMP was enabled on my both sites, my Traffic was not decreased, but became Zero. Then I had to Disable Google AMP on my both sites.
  • No Sales: My all Amazon sales were stopped, because there was no traffic. Thanks to God I tried this Plugin on my both sites on different times
  • Image size smaller than recommended size: The size of images on my both sites became smaller than the recommended and that’s why I got warning from Google Search Console.
Reference: List of Pages that were affected with AMP for WP plugin on my Easebedding.comLast crawled
1- https://www.easebedding.com/blue-brown-coffee-chocolate-best-31-curtains/May 4, 2021
2- https://www.easebedding.com/olive-green-comforters-on-sale-to-buy-now/May 4, 2021
3- https://www.easebedding.com/orange-and-grey-bedding-sets-with-more/May 4, 2021
4- https://www.easebedding.com/lime-green-comforter-bedding/May 4, 2021

Question: How to Disable Google AMP?

Answer: There are a couple of different ways to disable Google AMP. Google has their own official documentation on how to remove AMP from Google Search

Don’t Use AMP WordPress Plugin

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