Dettol is a concentrated antiseptic disinfectant. It provides protection against bacteria, which can cause illness and infection and has many medical and household uses.

Dettol is a brand of cleaning supplies and disinfectant and antiseptic. It was introduced in 1932 and the manufacturer owned by the British company Reckitt.

What Is Dettol Liquid Used For
What Is Dettol Liquid Used For

What is Dettol?

The active ingredient in Dettol liquid is an aromatic chemical compound known as chloroxylenol, which makes up 4.8 percent of Dettol’s total solution.

The remainder is a mixture of pine oil, isopropanol, castor oil soap, caramel and water. The enhanced formulation of Dettol antiseptic liquid is suited to all skin types and helps you retain a smooth and clear skin free of germs.

If you are looking for something that is easy to use when it comes to first-aid, then Dettol antiseptic liquid is the best antiseptic liquid to look for because Dettol liquid acts as your first line of defense by warding off unwanted invaders and giving you the desired protection.

Ingredients Used in Dettol

  1. Active ingredient: Chloroxylenol BP (antiseptic, disinfectant)
  2. Isopropyl alcohol (antiseptic)
  3. Pine oil
  4. Castor oil soap
  5. Caramel coloring
  6. Water

Uses of Dettol

  1. Dettol for First Aid: Dettol liquid is primarily used as a first aid measure to treat cuts, grazes and bites. It is diluted with water and applied directly to the skin
  2. Household Disinfectant: Liquid Dettol can also be used as a general disinfectant around the home. It is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens where germs are the most prevalent
  3. Keeping you & Loved Ones Healthy: Dettol helps families all over the world fight germs and bacteria
  4. Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant liquid is a concentrated antiseptic solution, which Kills bacteria
  5. Dettol provides protection against germs, which can cause infection and illness
  6. Dettol protects against infection from cuts, scratches, and insect bites


  1. Dettol is made for exterior use only. Always follow the instructions and warning labels carefully, which are provided on the product’s packaging
  2. Never ever use it pure, because it can burn your skin. Around 4 months ago(by the time of writing this article; Date August 17, 2021), my son applied Dettol without diluting with water on his skin and it burned his skin. His skin became black and he was worried a lot. Then I ask him don’t worry, just apply wet pack on the affected area and it will go with the time. He started to apply wet cotton pack on his burnt skin, but still he was not having the belief on this therapy, which I asked him to do. Then he made the appointment with his doctor and show him the affected area on his body. Doctor said don’t worry and he gave him medicated cream and recommend the same therapy, which I told him. So never use it without adding the water.

Household Disinfection Dettol Products

There are so many Dettol’s skin care products available in the market. The antiseptic liquid, also available with pump, can be used for first aid on cuts, scratches and insect bites to kill germs and help prevent infection.

The bar soap form contains moisturizers and helps protect your skin from bacteria.

It is also available in a sensitive skin formula. Dettol hand sanitizers are convenient when you are on-the-go.

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Hand and Body Bar Soap, Original, 110 Gr / 3.88 Oz (Pack of 12)
  1. Pack of 12 individually bars, each bar is 110 gr / 3.88 oz
  2. Discover the Dettol soap bar
  3. A new formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and remove viruses for clean hands and body everyday!
  4. An improved level of fragrance to deliver at each drop a superior hand and body wash experience for your senses
  5. Dettol Original soap with a new formula, gives protection causing germs, for your entire family

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap, Skincare, 110 Gr / 3.88 Oz (Pack of 12)
  1. Pack of 12 individually boxed bars, each bar is 110 gr / 3.88 oz., Imported, Non English Label
  2. A new formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and remove viruses for clean hands and body everyday!
  3. An improved level of fragrance to deliver at each drop a superior hand and body wash experience for your senses
  4. Dettol Anti-Bacterial Skincare Soap not only helps to kill germs, but also has moisturizing additives that help keep your skin soft and smooth. While most soaps specialize in either skincare or germ protection, this product combines both benefits to create a quality product worthy of the Reckitt Benckiser brand.

Dettol Anti Bacterial pH-Balanced Body Wash, Original, 21.1 Oz/625 Ml (Pack of 2)

Dettol Cool Body Wash Shower Gel - 300 G

Dettol Anti Bacterial pH-Balanced Body Wash, Cool, 21.1 Oz/625 Ml (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of 2 Pump Bottles, Each is 21.1 ounces
  • The actual product may be different than product image
  • With active ingredients that effectively protects from germs
  • Soothing menthol freshness
  • Abundant foam, skin moisture awake, healthy and fresh skin
  • pH-balanced formula with reliable protection.

Dettol & Moms Bathing Soap Tulsi, 125g, Buy 3 Get 1
  • Zero % Parabens, Zero % Talc and Zero % Artificial Dyes
  • Ingredients approved by moms
  • 100% Better Protection
  • Free from harsh residue
  • This soap is fragrance infused with natural basil essence.

Dettol Skincare Germ Protection Hand wash Liquid Soap Jar, 900ml (Pack of 2)

What Is Dettol Liquid Used For

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