Gobi or cauliflower grows abundantly in the Punjab.

This vegetable is enjoyed by people of all ages and is a specialty at most celebration and religious gatherings. 

Here Gobhi(Cauliflower)has been combined with a variety of Green leaves and used as a stuffing for  Parathas .

Gobhi Paratha is an easy-to-make and stomach filling breakfast recipe. Grated fresh washed cauliflower and combined with other spices is really good and easy recipe, which can be prepared using some simple ingredients available in your own Kitchen

Gobi paratha (cauliflower paratha), a paratha having delicious stuffing of gobhi (cauliflower) which is a popular breakfast food in North India and especially in Punjab.

As with all stuffed parathas, the process for making this one also is largely similar and only varies in terms of preparation of stuffing. However, this is where the crux lies and the use of Potato, onion, Coriander and perfectly balanced spices sets apart this recipe from others.

Serve these hot Golden brown parathas glistening with Butter(Makhni) or Plain Yogurt.

Paratha made healthier with grated Cauliflower and other ingredients, who don’t like to eat?

Two different methods of making this delicious and healthy paratha have been shared in the video , making it super easy for all to make.

Ingredients we Need

  • Grated Cauliflower after washing nicely
  • Chopped onion
  • Chopped any green leaves(used in the Video-Chickpea leaves, Mint & Methi)
  • Chopped Green Chili (optional)
  • Spices according to taste.


  • Mix everything together
  • Make big ball of Atta and put stuffing and spread it with hand and then roll it with the rolling pin
  • Fry it with little oil or no oil
  • Serve hot with plain yogurt.

Easy Making Gobhi(Cauliflower) Paratha Recipe Instructions are given in the Video!

How to make Gobhi Paratha
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