Paratha made healthier with grated Cauliflower and other ingredients, who don’t like to eat?

Two different methods of making this delicious and healthy paratha have been shared in the video , making it super easy for all to make.

Ingredients we Need

  • Grated Cauliflower after washing nicely
  • 2-Chopped onions
  • 3-Chopped any green leaves(used in the Video-Chickpea leaves, mint & Methi)
  • 4-Chopped Green Chilies (optional)
  • 5-Spices according to taste
  • Mix everything together
  • Make big ball of Atta and put stuffing and spread it with hands and then roll it with the rolling pin
  • Fry it with little oil or no oil
  • Serve hot with plain yogurt.

Gobi/Cauliflower Recipe Description

  • Oil                                                       1 Tbsp
  • Gobi grated (cauliflower)                      2 cups
  • Carom seeds (Ajwain)                      ½ tsp
  • Green chilies chopped                   one
  • Salt                                                      to taste
  • Ghee                                                   3-4 Tbsp
  • Whole wheat flour                         6 cups


  1. Make dough from Whole grain flour.
  2. In a pan heat 1 Tbsp Oil.
  3. In a mixing bowl grate cauliflower.
  4. Add Carom seeds, green chilli, Oregano leaves, Jeera powder, salt and mix well.
  5. Make big bowl from dough and roll the dough. Now place the spoonful of mixture in the center. Sealed the edges and roll it back
  6. Place the paratha on the pan and cook from both sides, brush ghee in between.
  7. Remove the paratha from the heat, and serve hot with Green Chutney or Makhni
  8. Enjoy!
Gobhi Paratha Recipe
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