Chickpeas are a part of the vegetarian diet in India and even in the whole world.
Commonly known as ‘Kala chana’ in Hindi.

The plants are short in height and are mostly found in tropical and Subtropical regions.

The seeds are excellent sources of protein.

Most of us, we love sweet treats and I love home made healthy sweets with my masala chai. Instead of eating namkeen or biscuits I try to eat something tasty and healthy that is home made. Also sweets can uplift our mood any time of the day, especially for the ones with sweet tooth.

But these tasty and yummy sweets bring along the misery of excess calorie intake, which can further lead to several health problems including weight gain etc.

So I always try to search for sweet recipes that can strike the right balance between health and taste. One such unique sweet recipe is gur-roasted chana ladoo.

Jaggery with roasted chickpeas is one traditional combination that our parents and grandparents have been enjoying for a long time. Nowadays people are realizing the numerous health benefits of gur chana and are finding new ways to incorporate it into their daily diet. When eaten together, gur and chana can give you so many health benefits.

I still remember those days, when I was a little girl, my grand father used to make Bhuga from roasted chana and Gur. Gur Chana Bhuga is a healthy, delicious traditional Indian snack made of Roasted Chana and jaggery.

This natural sweet delicacy is packed with immense health and beauty benefits. The combination of vital vitamins and proteins of chana and iron of jaggery. It’s very easy to make and Is highly nutritional. It can help you overcome almost any nutritional deficiency.

How to Make Gur Chana Bhuga?

Just rougfly grind roasted chana and while grinding with mortar and Pestle, grind some jaggery in it and make a ladu of this mixture and eat. It is instant energy giver when both of these ingredients are combined together and especially, when we don’t add any dry fruits or ghee in it. This recipe is so easy and anybody can make it. It is traditional recipe, which you must try.

Question: What is roasted Chickpeas or roasted gram or Bhuna chana?

Answer: Indians are very familiar with bhuna chana. This has been a processed ingredient for many hundred years- but in a very good way. It is called a poor man’s almond. You basically take kala chana (black chickpeas) and dry roast them at high temperatures. That’s it. They can be made at at home or even bought roasted chana from the market. They are also available Online. So you can 👉Buy From Here.

Health Benefits of Kala Chana

Health Benefits of Kala Chana

Now people are becoming more aware towards their health and finding the ways towards healthy lifestyle. If you are one of these people, who want their health to become good by eating home made healthy food, then this recipe is for you.

Eating healthy diet daily can reduce the risk of many diseases. There was a time when gur chana used to be the first food of a majority of people in several parts of India. That’s because the benefits of gur chana are many, including weight loss, improved digestion, and healthy, glowing skin.

  1. Helps to Lose Weight: Black chickpeas are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber facilitates the excretion of bile and ferries by forming a gel like substance in the digestive tract, whereas insoluble fiber prevents constipation and other digestive disorders. Moreover, fiber fills up your stomach. Drinking Soup of Black chickpeas helps to get rid from Cough and Cold
  2. Helps to lower Cholesterol: Daily consumption of around ¾ cup of chickpeas helps to decrease LDL cholesterol. Moreover, the dietary fiber of black chick peas is superior to that found in other foods.
  3. Helps to Prevent Anemia: Being a rich source of Iron, black chickpeas can prevent anemia and boost your energy levels.
  4. Facial Skin Care: When Black chick peas are split with skin removed and ground to make Besan from them, then it is an excellent source for skincare and is often used in face packs to give you flawless glowing skin.
  5. How to use for Facial Skin Care? Take two spoons of Besan(Chickpeas flour) add 1/2 squeezed lemon juice and and add one spoon Plain Yogurt, then mix everything together to make a paste of it. Apply to your face and keep it for couple of minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water and clean with Towel.
  6. Provides Iron: As a rich source of iron, kala chana can prevent anemia and boost your energy levels. This is particularly beneficial for pregnant and lactating women as well as growing children. Iron plays an important role in the formation of hemoglobin which helps transport oxygen from the lungs to all body cells.
  7. ​Rich in protein: According to experts, roasted chana is rich in protein that helps in controlling weight. As it keeps you full for longer, so indirectly it helps in reducing weight.
  8. Stronger Muscles: One of the benefits of gur chana is that it helps to strengthen muscles. Both chana and gur are a rich source of protein, which is good for muscle health. Gur also has potassium, which boosts metabolism and assists in muscle building.
  9. Aids In Weight Loss: The benefits of gur chana extend beyond a healthy lifestyle. This superfood promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism, which helps avoid health conditions like obesity. Chana is a rich source of protein, while gur has potassium, a critical mineral that helps maintain the electrolyte levels of the body.

Question: Is roasted chana healthy?

Answer: Roasted chana is one of the healthy snacks that we can eat. It’s high in fiber and high in protein content keeps you full for longer as they take longer to get digested in your body. It’s fulfilling nature can help you avoid those snacking cravings and avoid those excess calories.

Roasted Chana Pinni Recipe

Chana is roasted chickpea/black gram and it is highly beneficial for health. Making Pennies or Ladoos from Gur and Roasted Chana is very effective for Weight loss as well as it is full of nutritional benefits. While chickpeas are enriched with protein, jaggery is a storehouse of healthy carbs. Together, they provide our body with essential nutrients and keep us full for a longer period of time. This recipe is quick and easy to make.

When I take my masala chai, I always need something to eat with it, because I don’t eat Cookies or Namkeen, but eat Pennies of Roasted Chana and Jaggery with my Tea.

Roasted Chana is a very healthy snack. Adding roasted chana to your diet can help you in a number of ways. Many people eat roasted chana for weight loss. My son is eating roasted chana after doing his Gym to get the Natural protein.

How to Make Black Chana Pinni?

1. Roasted Chana Powder

You need Roasted chana powder. I made it at home. I bought roasted chana from the Indian Grocery Store and then grind it at home with my mixer grinder. You don’t have to sieve the flour, but if you like you can sieve it after grinding to make sure that all chana are grinded into the fine powder

2. Roasted Dry Fruits

Now make the coarse powder of all dry fruits, which we roasted earlier.

3. Dry Coconut

Now grate coconut with the grater and you can roast it for 2 minutes if you want or otherwise use it as it is . I used as it is.

4. Roasted Green Raisins

I soaked green raisins in water for 1/2 an hour and then washed and dry for sometime. After that I roasted them in the ghee for 2 minutes.

5. Collect all the Ingredients in a Bowl

Now all the grinded and roasted ingredients collect in a big bowl in one place.

Here is the laddu mixture after mixing very well. If there are small granules in the jaggery powder, then you can just run the ladoo mixture in the mixer-grinder till the mixture becomes smooth. Or you can run the jaggery powder in the mixer before adding to the Pinni mixture.

6. Making Roasted Chana Pinni

  1. Add 1/2 cup jaggery powder. You can also add grated jaggery. Even powdered sugar can be used. But to make healthy Pinnis add only grated jaggery or jaggery powder
  2. Add 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder.
  3. Add all grinded dry fruits
  4. Add roasted chana powder
  5. Then add 5-6 spoons of hot melted ghee, which will help to bind the mixture
  6. Begin to mix very well. Mix well all the ingredients
  7. Shape into required size of pinnies while the mixture is still warm. If you are unable to form Pinnies, then add a few teaspoons more of the melted hot ghee.
  8. Serve Roasted Chana Pinni with Tea or Milk. These Pennies stay good at room temperature for two weeks.
  9. Enjoy the Pennies and don’t eat or drink anything else after eating Penni for at least an hour or so.

7. Enjoy Kala Chana Pinni

My younger son lives in United States of America and came to visit us in Canada only for 3 days. When he called us for his quick tour, then I planned to give him home made sweets as much as I can. So I made these pinnies for him and just took pictures quickly and after almost 3 weeks today I am writing this recipe.

I also gave him alsi Pinni, Potato Pratha, Paneer Prathas, Mooli Prathas and Moti Choor Ladus.

Roasted Black Chickpeas or Kala Chana Pinni
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