Health Benefits of Bananas
Use Bananas in daily diet

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruit in the world, because they are not only tasty, but also have so many health benefits.

Comparatively to other fruits, most of the times Bananas are easy to find in the Grocery stores and they are available all year round.

Vitamin B6 from bananas is easily absorbed by your body and a medium-sized banana can provide about a quarter of your daily vitamin B6 needs.

So why not consume one banana each day?

They contain several essential nutrients and provide benefits for digestion, heart health and Weight loss.

Bananas are rich in fiber, antioxidants and several nutrients.

A medium-sized banana has about 105 calories.

Banana is loaded with fiber, both soluble and insoluble.

Fresh bananas are available year-round. Unlike other fruits, the ripening process of bananas does not slow down after they are picked.

Bananas should be stored at room temperature, but not in the Fridge.

How to store Bananas?

To encourage faster ripening, keep Bananas in Room temperature and cover them with Towel.

When Bananas  have black small spots, then they are ready to eat.  Now they are perfect to eat, because if you eat Raw Bananas, you can have cough. How to Cure Cough and Sore Throat.

You can use Raw Bananas for other Recipes, but if you  eat, they are not even tasty. 

I have seen, comparatively to other fruits, Bananas are much more cheaper in Price.

I used to bring all other fruits, but not bananas. Two years ago, I read about banana benefits and then I started to add them in my daily diet.

Now in our home, we use a lot of bananas and everyday we use at least 5-8 bananas in our family(5 member in our family)

Wonderful Banana Benefits

1. Ease in Digestion

According to Ayurveda, banana has a sweet and sour taste. The sweet taste is said to bring about a sense of heaviness but the sour taste is known to stimulate agni (the digestive juices), thereby supporting digestion and helping in building up metabolism. Banana fruit is really good for us.

2. High Source Of Potassium

The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a super fruit. This mineral is known for its numerous health benefiting properties – it helps in regulating heartbeat, blood pressure, and keeps the brain alert. So make sure you add bananas to your daily diet to keep your heart and brain healthy, plus for more stabled blood pressure.

3. Bananas help to ease Anxiety

Bananas help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin — the happy-mood brain Neurotransmitter. Improve your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by eating a banana, which regulates blood sugar and produces stress-relieving Relaxation.

Bananas are high in potassium and pectin, a form of fiber, said Laura Flores, a San Diego-based nutritionist. They can also be a good way to get magnesium and vitamins C and B6. 

4. Energy Booster

An instant energy booster, banana is one fruit that is commonly available across the Globe. In India, it is given much importance where various regional Cuisines use it in making desserts.

How to make Banana Salad?

There are many ways to make Banana Salad; for example-Add fruits as many as you want. Such as; Orange , Banana and many more Fruits.

Required Ingredients for Banana Salad

  1. Fruits such asOrange, Banana, Avocado, Pear etc.
  2. For dressing-Olive oil+1/2 lemon juice squeezed at home +Pink Salt or Black Salt +Black Pepper Powder. Mix nicely in Mixing Fruit Bowl
Health Benefits of Bananas

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