Need a Website but don’t know, which host to choose? We have made it simple for you to use one of the most popular host and the name of it is SiteGround. I’m using this hosting for more than 6 years by the time of Publishing this article(May 11, 2020)

Site Ground offers site building tools on all its plans and also provide free Weebly site builder and free WordPress installation.

What you can do with Weebly

Weebly is considered one of the easiest site builders out there and is recommended for first time users because of its easy drag and drop editor. It has a lot of design layouts and functionalities such as contact forms, shop, etc. that cover the needs of any new site. SiteGround offers a free version on all its plans!


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) nowadays. It’s recommended for sites, who aim to grow over time as it has thousands of themes and Plugins and a large community behind its back. Free installation of WP included in all plans. 

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I started my Online Business 7 years ago and at that time, I knows nothing. I started with squidoo, then moved to Blogger Blog and learned a lot by doing so many mistakes along the way. Then Blogger Blog deleted one of my 2 Blogs and I moved to WordPress, again knows nothing about WordPress.

At that time I started with Hostgator, their service was good and my site Ease Bedding was doing Okay, but I had one another website at that time and my both sites were in two different accounts, because I just opened one account due to 1 penny for the month.

When next month I got two bills for two accounts, I requested to joint the two Accounts in one, but they said, the Service was paid for $40. To save my $40 I deleted my one another Site, which was having good traffic and Transfer my Ease Bedding Dot Com for Free, because when I bought plan from Site Ground free migration was included.

If you’re planning to Migrate your Website due to any Problem with your Host,

👉 then Check This Article Here.

The moving Process Was cool and slowly slowly my Site Started to grow with Site Ground and started to Make money online.

I started my Site almost 6 years ago, and now I am with Site Ground for almost last 6 years. My both Sites are with Site Ground on two different accounts, because they are now making money and I am quite satsfied with the performance of Site Ground.

In the beginning, when I moved to SiteGround, I used to have many problems with my Website, because that time I was totally new for this Online field. But now I can handle most of problems myself.

Yes, whenever I had any problem with my Website, 99.99% SiteGround Solved it, and this is why I’m with them for a long time and will never move to another host until this hosting is in the Market. 👉Read my SiteGround Review

SiteGround is honoured to be officially recommended by as one of the best and brightest WordPress hosting providers like Bluehost.

SiteGround is a popular shared hosting provider that offers its users multiple different hosting options.

SiteGround shared hosting prices
SiteGround shared hosting prices

These include WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and even dedicated servers.

There is no doubt, SiteGround is little expensive, but in the long run, there is really peace of mind to work with your Online Business instead of worrying about speed etc.

About SiteGround Web hosting

SiteGround was founded by a group of university students working from their dorm rooms back in 2004. Their CEO and leader from the start, Tenko Nikolov, says their vision was to provide more help to customers than standard hosting companies did at the time. That’s it. Another successful company whose backbone is serving their customers. He is proud to say that his company’s  support team answers 1000 phone calls, 1500 support tickets, and 3000 chat requests each day.
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Since the company technically started a few months before WordPress, they also had the luxury of growing with WordPress and acquiring in-depth knowledge of their systems.

This early exposure to WordPress served them well over the years and prompted them to cater their service even more to WordPress users through the creation of free WordPress themes for their customers and creating very detailed tutorials on how to get the most out of WordPress.

 siteground hosting platform
siteground hosting platform

SiteGround offers 3 shared hosting plans

My all Two Websites are on SiteGround Grow Big Accounts and growing really good.

  • StartUp – Visit SiteGround: This costs $3.95/monthly for the first term and allows you to host only one website (domain). You can host up to 10 GB of data and this plan is ideal for around 10,000 monthly visits, according to SiteGround. Although, a well-optimized site making full use of efficient caching solutions should be able to receive much more visits than that. I started with this Plan and when my Site Ease bedding Dot Com started to get more traffic, then I moved to another Plan (Grow Big)
  • GrowBig – Visit SiteGround: The next plan costs $5.95/monthly for the first term, and lifts the limit on the number of sites you can host, thereby allowing you to host as many domains as you like. It also doubles the storage space allocation to 20 GB. It also adds some other features like SuperCacher, staging sites for testing developmental features before rolling them out on your live site, and on-demand backups. 
  • GoGeek – Visit SiteGround: This plan costs $11.95/monthly and comes with advanced features that not all regular shared hosting users might need. These include one-click Git repo creation, PCI-compliant servers, more server resources etc.

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Free Site Migration for 1 Website or Website Transfer Service

Whenever we see web hosts come out with a “DIY migration” option, it makes us a little anxious. That’s because most of them aren’t great, and they end up putting more burden on the customer.

 SiteGround offers professional migration service that includes the transfer of all your files and databases. The service is free for One site on GrowBig & higher plans.

I used this free Service, when I moved to SiteGround couple of year ago.

If you have more websites that need to be transferred, SiteGround will charge you as low as $30.00/ per site and do all the work for you!

SiteGround migrate more than 50,000 sites per year and know all the ins-and-outs how to make the process smooth and risk-free for you!

SiteGround might be the exception to this rule, though. They’ve created a free WordPress Migration plugin that you can upload to any site and use .

SiteGround Migrator plugin

This plugin is designed to automate the transfer of a WordPress instance to a SiteGround hosting account. It can’t be used to transfer a WordPress instance to another hosting provider.

First, you need to get a transfer token from your Site Ground account. You can do this through the WordPress Migrator tool located in the WordPress section of your Site Ground hosting control panel. Visit Site Ground

 Industry Leading 24/7 Support from SiteGround you can get if you buy their any service.

Awesome client interfaces to build and manage your sites easily

When your site is having technical issues or is completely down, you want a quick solution from your hosting provider, SiteGround is the answer.

Fortunately, this is also where SiteGround shines. They offer instant phone and chat support and even give you an estimated response time for their support tickets.

Industry Leading 24/7 Support from SiteGround
Support from SiteGround

In my opinion SiteGround is useful hosting, when we compare it against industry-leading competitors, it is even more outstanding. By using it personally for many years, I recommend to use it. So Buy SiteGround Hosting Today

siteground features
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